The Kardashian end their relationship with their longtime makeup artist and friend, Joyce Bonelli. And says it’s an amicable decision!

A close relationship with the Kardashian family

The Kardashian have put an end with Joyce Bonelli. Joyce Bonelli has worked with The Kardashian for more than a decade. She was their longtime makeup artist and friend. This makeup artist worked with the Kardashians since before they were famous.

Joyce shared that, they “text every other day” and “they’re like my sisters.”

Over the years, Joyce has built a close relationship with the Kardashian family. Last year, she shared with the Hollywood Reporter as,

“We text every other day and we talk about everything. Even if I’m working with a different client we’re always talking and FaceTiming—we talk about kids, we talk about the fun, scandalous stuff. They’re like my sisters.”

Source: W Magazine (The Kardashian and Joyce Bonelli)

We can credit her for many of her makeup movements of The Kardashian family. Despite all the good sides, there is something changed about the relationship between them.

The Kardashian’s family unfollow Bonelli

The news of Bonelli and the Kardashians’ split has spread recently, but Us Weekly tells the family doesn’t speak to her anymore and She hasn’t worked for them for months. They are no longer even friends.

Everyone in the Kardashian-Jenner family has unfollowed Joyce Bonelli on Instagram. Despite all these dramas happening, Joyce went to Instagram and posted a birthday post for Khloé Kardashian’s birthday.

Source: Instagram (Khloé Kardashian’s birthday post)

A Harmonious decision

The decision of the Kardashians to part way with their longtime makeup artist, Joyce Bonelli was a peaceful decision. Us Weekly tells

“They just stopped working with her because they didn’t see it as a right fit anymore. The family doesn’t speak to her anymore. She hasn’t worked for them for months.”

The Kardashian-Jenners have moved to a different makeup artist such as Mario Dedivanovic, Hrush Achemyan, Ariel Tejada and Patrick Ta. Mario Dedivanovic is also the one who collaborated with Kim on a KKW Beauty makeup collection.

Source: Instagram (Joyce’s post)

Joyce Bonelli’s working relationship

Joyce Bonelli shared about her working relationship with the Kardashian as,

I’ve been with the girls for so long and we’ve been through so much, It’s been over a decade. We’ve known each other since the beginning before they were famous. After they started their show, people started really loving them and then hating them and now they’re loving them again. There’s been so much that’s happened. Now each one of them is a phenomenon in their own way.”

Joyce went to Instagram and posted a picture which had a lot to take in. It said, “f#$* with me I DARE  YOU”. Neither Bonelli nor any members of the Kardashian family have spoken out about the matter.

The post might have aimed at the Kardashian family. However, it is said that the separation was amicable.

Source: Instagram (Joyce Bonelli)