Karen Clifton upset with Jacks of London barbers for not cutting her hair! Know the response from the barbers!

Karen Clifton is a Venezuelan professional dancer and the ex-wife of dancer Kevin Clifton. She recently had an issue with the barbers at Jacks of London and she voiced her anger and disappointment about it on her social media!

Karen Clifton and her displeasure with the barbers at Jacks of London

Strictly Come Dancing dancer Karen Clifton had visited the hair cutting salon in London called Jacks of London for a hair cut. She had been to the same establishment twice before for a hair cut and it had been done. But this time around when Karen went for her hair cut, she was attended to by a male hairdresser. But he told her that they do not cut women’s hair at their salon.

Source; Instagram (Karen)

Karen who was upset with this experience decided to voice her displeasure on social media.

The response from Jacks of London

On learning about the incident, the barbers at Jacks of London decided to clear the air. They responded:

“Earlier this morning TV celebrity Karen Clifton was informed that Jacks of London does not cater for women. Her experience has alerted us to the need to make it explicit to our entire team that Jacks of London DOES give barber cuts to everyone, regardless of gender.”

They added:

“However, we must also emphasise that Jacks of London is a barber store, specialising in barber cuts.”

They explained that while they cut the hair of all people, some of the barbers at the salon are not trained to cut and make the hairstyle that Karen was currently sporting.

Source; Hello magazine (Karen)

They said:

“Indeed, Karen Clifton has had her short hair done twice before at our store without event. But these are specific styles. Many of our barbers have had barber AND hairdressing training, but not all. Barbers and hairdressers require different skills and training; a hairdresser may stumble over cutting a pattern in a fade while a barber would struggle to cut a bob. This is why there tends to be a gender divide between hair salons and barbershops, but for anyone of any gender who wants an undercut, as Karen currently sports, a tight fade or a short, back and sides, Jacks of London barbers CAN AND WILL deliver.”

But the Jacks of London also apologized to Karen. They ended the post with:

“We sincerely apologise to @karencliftonofficial for the treatment she received this morning and would welcome her back to Jacks anytime. #wesupportkarenclifton.” 

Karen Clifton and her boyfriend David Webb

Karen has yet not responded to this post and the apology from the Jacks of London. But she got her haircut done at some other place and from a different barber. But her boyfriend David Webb, however, thanked the barbers for putting the smile back on Karen’s face.

Source; Hello magazine (Karen and boyfriend David Webb)

Regarding her short hair cut, Karen had spoken to Hello and said:

“It is almost like I am on a self-discovery path, and I find it quite refreshing, a kind of release that I am allowing myself to change and to be okay with it, and if people don’t like it that’s fine with me.”

She said that she decided to go for the chop after seeing the TV host Emma Willis‘ hair. She said:

“I loved it and knew that’s what I want. What better time to do it, having finished Strictly.”

Source: Hello magazine