Are Karin Jinsui and Key Glock Dating? Know the truth

Are Karin Jinsui and Key Glock Dating? Know the truth
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  • Is American rapper Key Glock dating influencer Karin Jinsui?
  • The rumors have started swirling about the former pair rekindling their romance.
  • It will be interesting to find whom the rapper is really into as he always ends up sparking romance with influencers.

The Tennessee native Key Glock has now been rumored to be linked with his ex Karin Jinsui again. The former pair have broken up just after 2 months of dating in the year 2018 as whos dated who mentioned.

Is Key Glock hitched to Adult/ Glamour model Karin Jinsui?

Well, the question remained unanswered. The rumored girlfriend of Key Glock dropped hints that she has something with the rapper after she posted an Instagram story featuring the rap artist captioned the mood.

Karin Jinsui and Key Glock
Are Karin Jinsui and Key Glock dating? (source: Bestinau)

In her Instagram story, Karin Jinsui uploaded Glock’s tattooed arms wrapped around her neck. Isn’t that enough for fans to get crazy while they are eying who is Glock with now?

Romance speculations came immediately after the news broke of her story. So will you like to see Glock and Jinsui thing for real? Read others’ Tweet before that.

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Reactions to Key Glock’s relationship angle with influencer Karin Jinsui

Twitter girls whose crush was Key Glock reportedly were upset over the video. Though the face was not clear who won’t recognize Glock with his arm? Let the Twitter girls scream,

Key Glock date Karin Jinsui I’m SICK that was my mannnnnnnn

This isn’t the first time their romance is speculated about. The two posted pictures in Aspen, Colorado in February when the duo noticed the similar background and matching Christian Dior outfits. Other fan girl reacted,

Karin posting pics with Key Glock hand around her neck, it should be me

The Shade Room also showed interest in the love angle of rapper Key Glock and his possible influencer beau on Instagram with its 27. 4 M followers writing,

It looks like Influencer #KarinJinsu & #KeyGlock are spending time together! She shared this photo, and the tattoos resemble Glock’s. #Roommates, what ya’ll think?!

Karin Jinsui and Key Glock (1)
Are Karin Jinsui and Key Glock dating (source: Beatsperminute and Pinterest)

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Dating History of Kay Glock

This isn’t the first time Glock is rumored to be dating someone from the influencers list. It was rumored that Lira Galore was seeing the Proud singer in June 2020 but none came front officially.

Glock was also linked to another influencer Latto but he clarified that it was not true. The Instagram live of Son of a Gun mixtape creator gave the idea that he was single then and was not into dating Big Latto in April 2021.

According to the Whosdatedwho Glock has been in relationships with exes Ella Rodriguez (2021), Lira Mercer (2019 – 2021), and Miss Mulatto (2019 – 2020). He is not married, engaged, or has kids with any of these girls.

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