Meet Kayla Jean From Too Hot To Handle Season 2!

Meet Kayla Jean From Too Hot To Handle Season 2!
Kayla Jean is one of the contestant on Too Hot To Handle season 2 (Source: Netflix)
  • Kayla Jean is one of the contestants on Too Hot To Handle season 2.
  • The sources near to her say she loves bad boys and no one has rejected her once. 
  • She is also a model who has worked for brands like Ama Bikinis and Knock Out watches.

Netflix’s steamy dating show Too Hot To Handle is now back with the second season. Just like the previous season, a bunch of extremely good-looking young people will compete for the prize money of $100,000.

However, the prize money will decrease after every physical touch between any of the contestants. The show will take place in a new tropical location, Turks and Caicos. Moreover, one thing to know is the contestant on the 2nd season are more extremely hotter and wilder, too. One of the contestants on the list is Kayla Jeans.

Who is Kayla Jean?

The smoking hot model/bartender Kayla Jean is from Florida. The outlet says she is laid back and loves hanging out on a beach while tanning and surfing. As she grew up in a strict household, the wild side of her came out after she left home. The rebellious model loves bad boys and no one has rejected her ever. The outlet also mentioned she breaking the rules is in her blood so it will be interesting to see her in the show. Her Instagram photos are full of her posing in bikinis, and also taking some smoldering selfies.

Kayla Jean is a model and a waiter (Source: Height Zone)

As per her Instagram bio, she mentioned she is “Filipina/American” Moreover, her Instagram shows she has traveled mountainous Canada and more. She is a model for AC Talent Management and also walks on the ramps for many brands. In the meantime, she is working at a Florida-based bar when she is not modeling. The model is also learning French as she hopes to travel to Paris one day. Moreover, she also has modeled for the 2019 JMFP runway for Jess Juan’s design.

‘Too Hot To Handle’ season 2

10 steaming hot contestants will appear on the show resisting themselves for any physical intimacy. They are not allowed to do the following: kissing, heavy petting, and self-gratification of any kind. If one of them decides to break the rule the whole squad will lose the price money.  As with many other reality shows, people are more skeptical of the authenticity of the drama playing out on screen. The season one contestant of the show, Harry Jowsey, that producers tend to influence certain storylines and drama.

Too Hot To Handle season 2 contestants (Source: Reality Blurb)

However, they don’t force anyone to do things contestant doesn’t want to know or say. Harry mentioned they just help the contestant to choose the right direction. He including other contestants on the show revealed the show was very real. Some of the contestants also revealed they were not aware of the ‘no sex’ rule in the house. They also mentioned they filmed for a whole month and some did not make it to the screen. They also told the source they have had experienced a few personal growths after the show.