Who Is Kayleigh Morris? Her Career As A Reality Star And Big Brother House Member!

Who Is Kayleigh Morris? Her Career As A Reality Star And Big Brother House Member!
Kayleigh Morris is a reality star who got fame after appearing on Ex On The Beach (Source: Instagram)
  • Kayleigh Morris got out of Big Brother house for threatening another housemate
  • She got the title of a firey girl on Ex On The Beach 
  • Morris also competed on an American reality show ‘The Challenges’

Kayleigh Morris gained the title of firey Welsh gal as she threatened violence to another housemate of Big Brother.  Though she got a firestarter as a reality star as a house member of Big Brother, this is not her first reality show. Here is everything you need to know about the reality star and her career.

Who is Kayleigh Morris?

The 28-years old Kayleigh Morris was born in Port Talbot, Wales. Later on, she relocated to London, England. Before stepping into the entertainment industry, she worked as a retail manager. Morris then appeared in two series of Ex on the Beach, series 2, 2015, and the All-Star series in 2016.

Kayleigh Morris flaunting her body in a black bikini (Source: Daily Mail)

However, she showed her firey temperant side with her battle with  Jemma Lucy. She had to leave the show after their fight became physical. In the villa, the housemates got into a fight over Ashley Cain.

Morris as a reality star

Ex On The Beach star had heated arguments while on the show. However, she kept herself far from the spotlight in Big Brother’s house for the first week. Later on, she made headlines after Arthur Fulford accused her of being a bully after a scathing attack on him. Soon after Morris called him a “freak” in a heated argument with each other, Arthur left the show. She was very upset when Marine Simpson when she arrived on the show as a celebrity guest.

Kayleigh Morris got into a physical altercation while on BB House (Source: Twitter)

Morris had an ongoing feud with Charlotte Crosby, who happened to be their best friend of Simpson. On June 17, she got out of the show after her actual violence on the show which later turned physical. The reality star threatened Chanelle McCleary to smash his face with the sharp objects on her face.

Kayleigh Morris on ‘The Challenge”

After leaving the BB House, Morris competed on the American reality competition show, The Challenges. She made her first appearance on the 31st season alongside Reeves who is her rival from ‘Ex On the Beach’. However, she called it quit on the show after some of her castmates threw her luggage. She returned to the show for the next season, Final Reckoning with Kailah Casillas.

Morris also appeared on The Challenge (Source: The Scottish Sun)

Her teammate later had a physical altercation with Reeves which left her paired with Kam Williams. The new pair did well before they got eliminated. She won three seasons and won four daily missions with elimination with one loss. As people loved her social game and the drama, her fans wanted her back in the competition. On one of her recent Instagram comments, her fans asked her if she is coming back to the competition. In one of the comments, the reality star replied “I will soon!”.