Kellie Chauvin, the wife of disgraced former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is asking for both their homes in her divorce petition!

Kellie Chauvin, the wife of disgraced former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is asking for both their homes in her divorce petition!
  • Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin and three other police officers have been arrested for the killing of the colored race man George Floyd.
  • And the wife of Derek, Kellie had filed for divorce from him just three days after her husband was arrested and charged with manslaughter.

Additionally, now lawyers state that she could end up having both their homes.

Kellie Chauvin and her divorce petition

Less than a week after the death of George Floyd at the hands of her police officer husband Derek Chauvin, his wife Kellie Chauvin had filed for divorce from him.

The news now is that she is seeking both the homes of the couple. If Derek does not contest the request, Kellie might easily get both their homes.

Kellie and Derek [Source: Opera News]
But family lawyers are yet unsure whether Kellie has sought more than half of the couple’s assets. The reason is that estimating how much wealth is at dispute in a marital relationship is a complicated and laborious process that will take a long time. Kellie, 45 had filed the divorce papers on 31 May 2020 in Washington County District Court.

Kellie is herself a former realtor and she currently is unemployed. In her divorce petition, she has asked for a fair and equitable division of their assets, bank money, and vehicles.

They have a primary home in Oakdale and a townhouse in Windermere, Florida. Both were purchased after their wedding in 2010.

They paid $210,900 for their townhouse purchase in 2011. And they purchased their Oakdale house in 2017 for $260,000. Derek’s pension would also be there but she has not asked for a division of it.

Is this request of Kellie a ploy?

Some believe that her request for both the homes could be a tactic to save the homes should the family of the victim seek monetary compensation in a lawsuit against Derek.

Attorney Jack De Walt states:

“Homes are only one part of a marital estate, and without understanding what the other person is being awarded outside of the homes, [the divorce petition] is not actually telling you whether this person is asking for more than 50 percent,”

Derek and Kellie [Source: ABC News]
Derek, 44 has 30 days after receipt of the divorce notice to file his answer and/or counter-petition in case he wants to challenge his wife’s proposals laid down in the divorce papers.

That period is over and since he filed no answers, it implies that he does not want to challenge the request. Therefore, Kellie could walk away with both homes.

Kellie also has requested to change her surname back to her maiden name.

Derek’s criminal case

Derek and three others had been arrested after the death of George Floyd. The former Minneapolis cop Derek had kept his knee on the neck of the victim to restrain him.

George was prone on the street and Derek did not release his knee for nine minutes. George became unconscious and never recovered from it.

Videos of the incident went viral on social media. The cops arrested him and charged him with second-degree manslaughter and murder.

Derek [Source: Armenian Reporter]
Attorney Eric Nelson is representing Derek in the criminal case. But when queried about the divorce, he refused to comment.

On the other hand, Kellie Chauvin’s attorney, Amanda Mason-Sekula said:

“I do not have authorization to provide details about how the Chauvin case is being handled procedurally,”

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