Kelly Cass and her long time boyfriend Charlie Hoppesch who were dating from 2012 finally got married on 2017!

Kelly Cass just updated her status on Twitter which says,

“Love chatting about weather, good or bad! Proud mama of 3 kids, and a shaggy sheep dog! Tweets are my own”

Her love story

Kelly Cass is a married woman. She is married to her long time boyfriend Charlie Hoppesch. They met for the first time in August 2011 at a dive bar in Chicago called Galway Bay.

Charlie was high on whiskey and Kelly was enjoying darts with her friends. He went and introduced himself to Kelly. And just for fun, Kelly gave him her phone number.

Two days later, she got a call from an anonymous number. Guess what? It was Charlie! They were having quite a great conversation and found out they had few things in common.

  1. Both of them spent their early life in Ohio as well as both of their families had split between Michigan and Chicago.
  2. Kelly’s parents in suburbs of Detroit and Charlie’s brother and sister-in-law home was just 15 minutes away.

She was quite impressed by him and decided date him.

Source: Hoppesch and Kelly Cass)

Their Career was the Barrier

Charlie’s job was at Chicago where as Kelly’s was in Atlanta. So, for the duration of nine months, Kelly visited Charlie in Canada whereas Charlie visited her in Chicago. And during holidays, they used to spend time in Michigan in that year.

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Both were deeply in love with one another. But 2012 was the year when Charlie wanted to make Kelly his wife. He thought that without her his life is senseless and she was definitely worth it.

So, in the same year, he chose to work in the city where Kelly was working.

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Marriage Proposal

In May 2016, Charlie finally proposed Kelly. This was a month before they shifted to their new home in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. Kelly also shared on her site that on August 2016,

“My kids and I are still doing things like wakeboarding at the cable park, and otherwater sports.”

The Wedding

Kelly and Charlie got married on the starting of the year 2017. Abby Bell was Maid of Honor, she is Kelly’s friend from college.  John Hoppesch was the Best Man, he is Charlie’s brother. Close friends and family were their guests.


The couple is blessed with three beautiful children, two sons, and one daughter. Names of their kids are not yet been revealed.


Their daughter has a cute guinea pig as her pet.


Apart from guinea pig, they have another pet as well.


Short Bio on Kelly Cass

Kelly Cass is an American TV anchor and AMS/NWA Metereologist. She joined The Weather Channel in January 2000. Prior to that, she was working at WRGB-TV for seven years.