Kenneth Ize, the Nigerian rising star debuts on the runway at the Paris Fashion Week with godmother Naomi Campbell!

Supermodel Naomi Campbell introduced the rising star from Nigeria Kenneth Ize at the Paris Fashion Week on Monday 24 February 2020. Kenneth was all praise for his fairy godmother Naomi.

Kenneth Ize debuts the ramp at Paris

The Nigerian fashion star Kenneth Ize made his debut at the Paris Fashion Week this Monday 24 February 2020. It was a storming debut and he closed the show with his appearance on the ramp. His fairy godmother Naomi Campbell was with him at this Paris catwalk. The fashionistas at the show cheered both of them.

Kenneth Ize’s praise for Naomi Campbell

Kenneth Ize, 29 had a meteoric rise to fame with this Paris catwalk. And he credited the supermodel Naomi Campbell for it. Therefore, he was singing her praises for giving him this golden chance.

After the show, Kenneth spoke to reporters backstage on the opening night of the Paris Fashion Week. He said:

I am living my dream,”

Kenneth with Naomi (Source: Getty Images)

And he added:

Naomi made this happen. She has been part of the journey since day one. She is very supportive. And She is my fairy godmother,”

Kenneth’s memories of going to Catholic church in Lagos, Nigeria with his mother and everyone in their Sunday best outfits inspired this show catwalk, he said. He added:

“It is about my religion, love, who I am, the people I believe in and sharing,”

Black African designers and traditions

This Paris Fashion week will be a great week for every fashion designer  but particularly those from Africa. Many Black African fashion designers were at this fashion week to showcase their dress designs. The South African Thebe Magugu, who had won the LVMH Young Fashion Designer of the year prize also got a special official presentation slot on Tuesday 25 February 2020.

Kenneth with Naomi (Source: Readsector)

For the Black African fashion designers, it all started last month when Cameroonian creator Imane Ayissi became the first black African designer to make it to the elite ranks of Paris haute couture.

Before him, South Korean fashion designer Kiminte Kimhekim had showcased his collection of playful black and white outfits centred on black heart motifs. And one model even had sported a heart-shaped hairstyle.

A bit about Kenneth Ize’s work

Kenneth Ize has made a name for himself by representing and giving a new interpretation to traditional West African fabrics like the aso oke cloth which is woven by the Yoruba people, and also his autumn winter collection had loads of it.

Naomi Campbell walks the ramp for Kenneth (Source: Readsector)

Kenneth Ize, like Image Ayissi, champions traditional African fabrics and techniques. He lost the LVMH prize to Thebe Maggi.  But the jury of the LVMH prize had praised Kenneth’s authenticity and originality. They liked his fight to source and produce locally in Nigeria.

In his collection, Kenneth also had African silhouettes in which tunics were worn over trousers. He states:

“I believe in the way I dress, this is who I am,”

Kenneth spend some of his childhood in Austria having studied in Vienna under the tutelage of Turkish Cypriot British designer Hussein Chalayan.

Source: Hindustan Times