Is Khloe Kardashian pregnant second time with ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson’s baby?

Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian split in 2019 after a cheating scandal of Tristan. They share one daughter True. Now, there were rumors that she is again pregnant with her ex-boyfriend Tristan’s child. Some put nasty comments on social media on it. Khloe now has shot back at these trolls.

Khloe Kardashian and her slamming post

Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian has been upset with the kind of rumors and comments about her on social media. She feels disgusted that people have been claiming that she is pregnant second time with Tristan’s child. Some even spoke nasty about her and demanded to know how she could again reconcile with the man who cheated on her.

Khloe decided to shut down these rumors. She replied on her Twitter handle:

“The sick and hurtful things people say. I am disgusted by so many things I am seeing. SMH people swear they know everything about me. Including my uterus. Sick.”

She added:

“The nasty things you’re saying about me over A RUMOR! I have seen so many hurtful/despicable stories and tweets about me over a false story. And if it were true…. it’s MY LIFE, NOT YOURS,”

And in a third tweet, she continued:

“Funny how picky&choosy some can be with who and how you feel others should live their lives. I believe people should focus on their own lives/families, put energy into bettering the scary world we are currently living in, and try projecting positivity as opposed to nastiness.”

The rumors and its start

In a recent episode of KUWTK, Khloe revealed that she has frozen eggs but wanted to have frozen embryos. Therefore, she would ask Tristan whether he would be the sperm donor but would get a signed contract from him that he would not be the father.

And on Wednesday morning, rumors cane up in Mirror UK that fans feel that Khloe is pregnant because she has been posting Instagram pictures of waist-up only. And in a video with daughter True, she was wearing a loose robe.  Soon the rumors spread like a wildfire.

Hate and criticizing messages for Khloe

The things did not end here. Soon, her followers started posting hate messages and criticizing comments on her social media. After the cheating scandal of Tristan Thompson with Jordyn Woods, the whole family cut off their relationship with Jordyn. Many people did not like that the family has directed their anger against Jordyn and not Tristan who was equally responsible for the scandal. Many of her followers still hold a grudge against Tristan.

And it all started again. Her fans were angry that she ruined Jordyn’s life and is now getting again close to Tristan. They wanted her to stay away from Tristan as well. One fan tweeted:

“Khloe Kardashian is such a loser and her whole family needs to publicly apologize to Jordyn!!! That family terrorized the small girl only for Khloe to get pregnant again??? By THIRD TRIMESTER TRISTAN???? Come on man…shes in to deep in the circus.”

Another remarked:

“so y’all r telling me that khloe is pregnant by Tristan after he cheated on her TWICE when she was 9 MONTHS pregnant and after she tried to ruin jordyn’s life? i-“

Nicole Perez tweeted:

Wait…Khloe Kardashian the same woman who tried to turn everyone against Jordyn Woods is pregnant by the same cheating ass Tristan!!!”

Short Bio on Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian is an American television personality, socialite, model, businesswoman, and entrepreneur. She is featured in a reality series named Keeping Up with the Kardashians with her family, The Celebrity Apprentice and The X Factor with actor Mario Lopez. More info…

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