Know Five Gods Who Fought Against Humanity in Netflix Upcoming Anime, Record of Ragnarok

Know Five Gods Who Fought Against Humanity in Netflix Upcoming Anime, Record of Ragnarok
Gods of Record of Ragnarok (Source: animereads)
  • The OTT platform, Netflix has well known around the world for its movies, series, and documentaries.
  • Besides that, the platform is highly recognized for its anime too.
  • Soon, Netflix’s upcoming anime, Record of Ragnarok, will join its’ popular anime list.

Currently, Death Note, One Puch Man, and The Seven Deadly Sins are some of the most popular anime streaming on Netflix.

The anime is based on the Japanese Manga series, Shūmatsu no Warukyūre published by the publishing company, Tokuma Shoten. The series will illustrate the fight between humans and gods to save humanity.

Surprisingly, gods fade up with humanity and they decided that the human race should go extinct. Against the decision, some of the fierce fighters of the human race are fighting against gods.

Scroll down to know about gods who are fighting against the human race in Record of Ragnarok.

5. Thor

The god of the thunder, Thor is representing gods during the first round of Rangnork. Thor is a primary deity of the Norse and happens to be the strongest warrior in the Nordic region. In the series, he is fighting with ancient China’s strongest warrior, Lu Bu.

Thor (Source: Fandom)

During the fight, he uses the divine weapon, Mjolnir (aka Jotun’s Bane). Also, he wielded Járngreipr (The strongest armor of heaven) to prevent damage from Mjölnir. In the first round, Thor became victorious giving led to the gods. The voice actor, Hikaru Midorikawa contributed his voice to Thor in the anime.

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4. Zeus 

God’s council chairman, Zeus himself represented gods during the second round of the Ragnarok. He is also popular with the name, God Father of Cosmos. During the second round, he fought with the father of humanity, Adam.

Zeus (Source: Fandom)

During the second round, he used his techniques including Meteor Jab, Divine Axe, Adamas, and True Gods Right. He defected Adam giving him further led to the human. The Voice actor from Chiba Prefecture, Wataru Takagi provided the voice to Zeus in Record of Ragnarok.

3. Poseidon

The God of the Seas, Poseidon represented gods during the third round of the Ragnarok. He is also denoted with the title, Gods of Gods. In the third round, he fought with Kojiro Sasaki from feudal Japan (aka. History’s Greatest Loser).

Poseidon (Source: Fandom)

In the fight, Poseidon used his signature weapon, Trident against Sasaki. However, Sasaki won the round cutting him into pieces. After the fight, his trident was also destroyed.

2. Heracles 

The Greek god, Heracles represented the gods at the fourth round of Rangnork. In the series, Heracles is only the god besides Buddha who disagrees with the decision of the gods.

Heracles (Source: deviantart)

In the fight, he fought with the British serial killer, Jack the Ripper. He became the second god to lose. During the fight, he used uses his twelve different techniques and a club which was destroyed.

1. Shiva

The Hindu god, Shiva represented the god during the fifth battle of the Ragnarok. In Hindu mythology, he is recognized as the god of destruction. He fought against the human warrior, Raiden Tameemon (Japanese Sumo Wrestler).

Shiva (Source: Pinterest)

Their match lasted for 11 minutes and 16 seconds in the Record of Ragnarok. At the decision of the fight, Raiden was defeated and subsequently killed. Shiva’s technique, Deva Loka aka. Final Act Flame Dance became the final move of the battle. For Shiva, the voice actor, Tatsuhisa Suzuki contributed his voice.


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