Know about Kait Parker Lifestyle! Is she Dating? Is She Married? Find out all including her personal life, Relationship staus, Career and many more!!

Know about Kait Parker Lifestyle! Is she Dating? Is She Married? Find out all including her personal life, Relationship staus, Career and many more!!
  • Kait Parker is an American meteorologist, who currently works in West Palm Beach, Florida, at WPTV-TV.
  • Kait prefers the challenges of covering the reports in a tropical climate.

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Most of the time, Kait can be seen on national television doing her climate reports but what about her personal life? Is she dating anyone or is she married?

Let’s unravel the mystery of her life!

Kait Parker: Married or single?

Kait Parker has been a very open and fun-loving person on television but about her personal life, it seems there have been no talks and no information regarding her relationship status. She has managed to remain amazingly quiet about her relationship and personal part of her life.

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Kait married Michael Lowry on 3rd May 2017. Her husband, Michael is a hurricane specialist. The couple got engaged in October 2015. Their engagement was broadcasted on his show, Today.

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Personal Life and Career

Kait Parker is an American meteorologist. Her career began with an internship and developed into an impressive portfolio. So far, Parker had the opportunity to report on major weather incidents, mostly tornadoes, and hurricanes.

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She hasn’t only been active in her professional activities, but she had also learned teaching, and cheerleading, and engaged with organizations that are devoted to providing animal care.

Parker hasn’t failed to connect to organizations in the town she currently works in, which is significant for both, her professional work, and personal promotion.

She currently keeps a low profile, with most making only her social media pages available to the public eye.

Parker also serves as an instructor for a graduate course, going by the name “Earth’s Climate Systems”. The course has been designed by the American Meteorological Society and NASA. Parker has earned her Certified Broadcast Meteorologist designation from the AMS.

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Parker was raised in Texas, where she has shown interest in observing weather at a very young age. She allegedly was fascinated to face tornadoes, so common in Texas. She followed weather reports as a child and grew this interest at a very young age.

Parker studied at the University of Missouri,  where she followed her passion. At this university, she earned her Bachelor’s degree of Science in Atmospheric Science. She had also taught a course on Storm Chasing for the University.

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She is also on the leadership board of the Meteorology Club. She was also on the Mizzou Storm Chase Team. Kait soon began her professional work. She started providing weather forecasts for local radio stations, as well as KOMU-TV.

Parker’s first posting was an internship with WFAA-TV in Dallas, TX. This job helped her to learn and grow her skills as a meteorologist. The post was also a great starting point for Parker and helped her in getting her first job.

Parker started work for the network WAKA-TV in Montgomery, Albany. She was the Weekday Morning Meteorologist.  She reported on various and numerous weather incidents, like tornadoes, ice storms, and hurricanes.

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Parker has kept a close relationship with local organizations in the towns she worked. She is an animal lover, and so far has adopted several animals.

Being a rising star at a very young age, there isn’t a lot of information available on Parker’s personal life. She maintains a respectful and professional image, without any disturbances or scandals.

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Short bio on Kait Parker

Young and beautiful Kait Parker is an American well-known meteorologist. She is best known as the meteorologist and weather forecaster for the huge channel “The Weather Channel”. More bio…