Kristen Messner; Wife Of Famous Lead Guitarist Lindsey BuckingHam; Everything You Need To Know About Her Married Life, Children, Family!

Kristen Messner is the wife of the famous lead guitarist Lindsey Buckingham. Buckingham is also an  American musician, singer, songwriter, and producer. He is one of the vocalists of one of the famous brands ‘Fleetwood Mac’ from 1975 to 1987. They restarted the band again in 1997 and stopped in 2018. Here is the quick insight into their relationship, married life, and their family.

Married life of Kristen Messner and Lindsey Buckingham

Kristen Messner with her husband and children (Source: Getty Images)

Buckingham tied the knot with Messner in 2000 after welcoming their first child on  July 8, 1998. Afterward, they welcomed their two daughters  Leelee in 2000, and Stella in 2004. Buckingham had a romantic relationship with his bandmate Stevie Nicks. At the time, the two became famous duo band and went to the peak. Afterward, Messner joined the band as an official photographer of the band. The relationship between Buckingham and Nicks took a very messy turn after Messner got pregnant with Buckingham’s baby.

This also took a band turn and they faced conflicts on the band. Afterward, Lindsey left the band to start a solo career on his own. Lindsey then got married to his now-wife and extended his family with her. He paid tribute to the song  “It Was You” from his ‘Under the Skin’ album and used those names for his children. The guitarist describes his marriage life is what gives him stability in his life.

Kristen Messner got married to Lindsay in 2000 (Source: Instagram)

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Inside the life of Kristen

Kristen was born in  28th of February, 2003. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband and children. Kristen is a trained photographer and she also worked with her husband’s band as an official photographer. She met him on the band for the first time when she joined as a photographer. However, at the time, Lindsay was in a romantic relationship with his bandmate Stevie. Talking about his wife, Lindsay once stated:

Kristen Messner and Lindsey Buckingham on the red carpet (Source: Getty Images)

 “I was lucky enough to meet a woman who kicked my ass. It’s been a great gift.”

Besides her husband and her children, there is not much information about her on the internet. She has kept her life quite low-key and far from the media. As she has kept herself far from social media, there is very limited information about her.

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