From Kylie Jenner to Lady Gaga to Kanye West use colored contact lenses! Know about the benefits and also precautions to be taken with use of them!

From Kylie Jenner to Lady Gaga to Kanye West use colored contact lenses! Know about the benefits and also precautions to be taken with use of them!

The trend of colored contact lenses in Hollywood celebrities

Contact lenses are a hit with Hollywood celebrities. It improves their vision and frees them from the limitations caused by eyeglasses.

While non-colored contact lenses could serve the purpose, celebrities prefer colored ones which add glamor to their eyes.

These contact lenses are in varied forms bright, dolly, realistic, and natural. A lot of them are easily available to suit every need.

Colored contact lenses have become a fashion or beauty accessory and help the stars glam up their looks!

Source: Eye Candy's (Kendall Jenner)
Source: Eye Candy’s (Kendall Jenner)

Kylie Jenner has lovely naturally brown eyes. But when she dons the blue contact lenses, it not only adds to her beauty but also provides her with a stunning new look.

The color of the contact lenses she wears forms a coveted pair for every fashion and beauty lover. Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, Nicki Minaj, Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, Amber Rose, and Nina Dobrev are often seen sporting different-colored contact lenses.

Why should men be left behind?

It is not only the female celebrities who are fond of colored contact lenses. Men in this industry also love to change their eye colors and look through the use of these contact lenses.

The Lord of the Rings actor Orlando Bloom also has been seen wearing gray lenses. Kanye West prefers to wear a pair of gray contacts on many occasions and on red carpets.

Source: Eye Candy's (Kanye West)
Source: Eye Candy’s (Kanye West)

A hot favorite with many celebrities is the gray, hazel, and blue-colored lenses. The green lens color is next in line with preference. Contact lenses do give a glamorous twist to the eyes and gaze.

The whole concept is a wonderful one but provided some dos and don’ts about it are remembered and adhered to!

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Care of the contact lenses!

Contact lenses are taking over as an essential accessory of makeup and beauty care. It makes one look beautiful but like all beautiful things, it too needs to be handled and managed with care!

There are several Do’s and Don’ts that go with these pairs of fashion accessories! Let us go through them and see how these tiny little beauty-enhancing objects can be made to be functional without harming or causing embarrassment to the wearer!

Source: Eye Candy's (Colored eye lenses and their impact)
Source: Eye Candy (Colored eye lenses and their impact)

How to use contact lenses?

  1. Remove contact lenses before retiring to bed.
  2. Avoid swimming when wearing contact lenses. You need to remove them before taking the plunge! If you fail to do so, there are high chances that you may end up with a devastating eye infection due to Acanthamoeba which is painful, difficult to treat, and leads to the blindness of that eye.
  3. Use a contact lens cleaning solution to clean the contact lenses. Avoid the use of tap water or any other liquid for this purpose. Clean it after use and before you reinsert it into the eye. After the chemical is used to clean the lens, use a saline solution to wash away the chemicals.
  4. Use clean hands while putting on or removing the contact lenses. If hygiene is not adhered to, it may lead to bacterial infections of the eye. Pseudomonas infection is common and leads to pus in the eye and blindness.
  5. Avoid prolonged use of contact lenses as the risk of infections increases 5-10-fold due to it. Rufina Chan, an optometrist at Family Eye Care in Wan Chai says:

“Special extended-wear contact lenses do exist, which are made of a material that has been approved for overnight wear by the US Food and Drug Administration. Consult your optometrist to find out if these are suitable for you.”

  1. Handling of lenses should be done with dry and clean hands. Avoid wet fingers while holding the lens.
  2. The lens case also requires regular cleaning.
  3. The contact lenses need to be purchased only at licensed and certified shops. The online purchase may seem to be cheap but may hurt your eyes in the long run and turn out to be more harmful to your pocket!
  4. Replace the lenses at regular intervals and use them only for the permissible period mentioned on them.

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