“LA Galaxy has just been Zlatan”, Zlatan has marked his sign in the MLS as he scored a brace in the derby including a 36-yard stunner

On his very first match with the MLS franchise, LA Galaxy, Zlatan scored a perfect brace in the 20-minute cameo. As he has already made a statement, “Dear Los Angeles, You’re Welcome.” Now, he has welcomed LA Galaxy as well as MLS with a 36-yard stunner. Zlatan just had 19 minutes to mark himself and he did what he has been known for.

After that match, the Swede international said in his own style,

“I know what I am able to do, and I know what I will do. I come here to win. I feel excited. The lion is hungry. I’m not arrogant. I’m confident. The people who don’t understand say I’m arrogant.”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic after scoring his debut goal for LA Galaxy
Source: Goal.com (Zlatan Ibrahimovic after scoring his debut goal for LA Galaxy)

He added,

“Kamara jumped in the duel. I go behind as a striker, and I saw the goalkeeper went out and yeah, just put it over him. I was thinking to save strength because I don’t know how much I would make it, so let’s shoot in one touch, I said. And it went in.”

As he was asked about his recovering knee, he told,

“Ok. I was not worried. … It’s difficult to describe the feeling after you score a goal like that. I think I heard, ‘We want Zlatan! We want Zlatan!’ And I gave them Zlatan.”

The 36-year-old veteran striker was arrived in Los Angeles just 48 hours before the match. As he left EPL giant, Manchester United a week ago to complete the signing for LA Galaxy.

At the time of signing, he also told that David Beckham convinced him to join the MLS club. Furthermore, he also said that he will set out to “conquer the US” like he did in Europe, after his transfer to LA Galaxy.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic in his new LA Galaxy jersey
Source: Facebook (Zlatan Ibrahimovic in his new LA Galaxy jersey)

Additionally, with his record move, he also states,

“I choose LA Galaxy because I wanted it. I know what I can bring it and I will bring it. This thing was supposed to happen a couple of years before but it didn’t. I am here now. The destiny was that it was supposed to happen, the question was only when.”

After his debut goal, the former Manchester United forward explain,

“My history when I come to a new team, I score always in the first game as I have scored with Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United. So, I wouldn’t let it down this time. I had to score.”

The former LA Galaxy man, Davia Beckham also posted a photo on the Instagram captioning,

“Just the beginning 🦁 Trust me you haven’t seen anything yet.”

Now, the legendary striker has announced himself in the MLS with two beautiful goals. It is sure that MLS is going to witness many extraordinary goals. Additionally, with his debut, it can be also said that he will probably conquer the MLS as he had done in Europe with many big clubs.