Lady Gaga was raped by a producer and became pregnant at 19 years of age! #WeLoveYouGaga

Lady Gaga was raped by a producer and became pregnant at 19 years of age! #WeLoveYouGaga
Lady Gaga holding a new born baby(Source: Twitter)
  • Lady Gaga was sexually assaulted at the age of 19 by a producer
  • She became pregnant due to the nonsexual sex
  • She dealt with mental health issues after the incident
  • After she opened up about this incident #WeLoveYouGaga is trending on Twitter

More power to Lady Gaga!

During the first episode of The You Can’t See health series of Oprah and Prince Harry, Lady Gaga shared her sexual assault story. On 21st May 2021, the unscripted series premiered on the new Apple TV+.

During this mental health segment, Gaga gave details from a time when she found out she was pregnant due to nonconsensual sex.

Gaga said,

“I was 19 years old, and I was working in the business, and a producer said to me, ‘Take your clothes off. And I said no. And I left, and they told me they were going to burn all of my music. They didn’t stop. They didn’t stop asking me, and I just froze and I—I don’t even remember.”

Lady denied taking the name of the actual culprit producer as she never wants to face him again. The Oscar winner pointed out the abuse and danger of the industry. When she went to the hospital for pain and numbness, she was attended to by a psychiatrist rather than a medical doctor.

Lady Gaga shared her heartbreaking sexual assault story
Lady Gaga shared her heartbreaking sexual assault story (Source: Insider)

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More on the sexual assault

Gaga added,

“First I felt full-on pain, then I went numb. And then I was sick for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks after, and I realized that it was the same pain that I felt when the person who raped me dropped me off pregnant on a corner. At my parents’ house because I was vomiting and sick. Because I’d been being abused.”

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga (Source: Hollywood Life)

Lady became strong due to the pain but had a psychotic break for a couple of years. She was not the same person she was before. She had gone through multiple MRIs and scans but nothing was diagnosed. But after years she learned to pull herself out of the situation.

Lady Gaga Accused of Copying Another Songwriter
Singer Lady Gaga (Source: Us Weekly)

Gaga shared the story, not for the sake of sympathy but to trigger empathy in others. She wants people to open their hearts to other people. There are many people who are dealing with mental health.

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