Larray, Nikita Dragun, And Hype House Faced A Huge Backlash After Throwing A Party During The COVID Pandemic!

Larray, Nikita Dragun, And Hype House Faced A Huge Backlash After Throwing A Party During The COVID Pandemic!
  • Larray (Larri), Nikita Dragun, Hype House, and other famous social media personalities are facing huge backlash after they partied during a pandemic.
  • Some of the big names in social media like James Charles, Tana Mongeau, and Hype House members were at the party.

They were celebrating their 22nd birthday bash of Larry. The beauty YouTuber Nikita Dragun planned the surprise party with above a hundred guests.

Larri and Nikita Dragun faced a huge backlash

YouTubers partied at hype house during the pandemic (Source: Mashable)

The two YouTubers are facing a huge backlash after they celebrated Larray’s 22nd birthday during the pandemic.

People called out the two on Twitter after they gathered 100 people in the Hype house without a mask. They also pointed out Larray’s old post on Twitter calling out people who partied during the pandemic.

Beauty influencer Nikita Dragun organized a huge birthday bash for her friend amid everything going on right now.

The guest at the party did not show up in the event with their mask on and those who did remove their mask during the party. The people were not happy with the influencers parting in a crowd while there was a COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the YouTubers Tyler Oakley called out them on Twitter saying:

“If your favorite influencers are at huge house parties during a pandemic (& are dumb enough to post it on social media)… they are bad influences. unfollow them”

Tyler Oakley’s tweet and Larray’s response (Source: Twitter)

After facing backlash on the internet, Nikita responded saying they took all the safety measures at the party. Meanwhile, apologized for everything and also mentioned he would be careful in the future.

They started the event with dinner at BOA Steakhouse and continued the night drinking and dancing in the Hype House.

In the interview with Hollywood Fix, the Hype House co-founder Thomas Petrou stated there were only around 68 attendees at the party. However, more than a hundred people were out on the streets waiting to hop inside the party.

Twitter user’s opinion on the matter

Larray’s birthday party (Source: Insider)

People on Twitter share their opinions about the matter based on what they think. As many of the big names of social media were at the party, it was all over the Internet.

Twitter users started calling out all the influencers for avoiding the impact of going on the crowd during the pandemic.

One of the Twitter users shared her concern for the birthday boy saying:

“I truly love your content, but having a birthday party during a pandemic was not the move. I’ve noticed most “influencers” are partying and going out to others places. You live in California, a hot spot. It’s very dangerous. I hope you and many others are being smart here.”

Some gave them constructive criticism showing their concern, while some called out the social media personalities for their irresponsible behavior. Not all the attendees of the party have posted anything about the matter on social media.

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More About Larray

American Larray is a YouTuber and TikTok star. He is renowned for his comic content on his YouTube channel which went viral. He is also a member of the TikTok group, The Hyper House.

Larray initially started making videos for YouTube with the channel, 2BusyOnline in January 2015. In the channel, he used to make videos with other YouTube content creators Hails and Lissette.

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