Lawyer James Sexton talks about the most outrageous prenuptial agreement he encountered!

Lawyer James Sexton talks about the most outrageous prenuptial agreement he encountered!

In modern times, prenuptial agreement is common before marriage. But some of these prenuptial agreements are quite weird and funny too. American lawyer James Sexton who deals mostly with divorce cases revealed, on Steven Bartlett’s Diary Of A CEO podcast, the most outrageous of these prenups that he handled in his career.

What is a prenuptial agreement?

In a relationship and marriage, couples come together to form a family. This union means sharing a lot of things together. These things are physical, monetary, emotional etc.

In the olden days, people used to accept a person with his or her similarities as well as differences. But modern day couples want married life to go in a particular way. Hence before getting married, the two of them lay down certain rules and norms that each must follow in order to continue with the married life. This is their prenuptial agreement.

James Sexton
A prenuptial agreement (Source: Pinterest)

Additionally, these prenuptial agreements also detail how the assets and finances would be divided in the unfortunate eventuality of their separation and divorce.

Some of these prenuptial agreements are quite weird with amusing rules and norms. Recently, American lawyer James Sexton gave an interview on Steven Bartlett’s Diary Of A CEO podcast where he discussed on the most outrageous prenuptial agreement that he came across.

James Sexton details the most outrageous prenup agreement

Lawyer James said:

The most shocking prenup I’ve ever seen, which was enforceable, had a provision that said that for every 10 pounds the wife gained in the marriage, she would lose $10,000 a month,”

The prenup said that if there is a divorce, the wife would get USD 70,000 per month in alimony. But for every ten pounds that she gains in weight post-marriage, she would lose USD 10,000 per month in alimony.

James Sexton
American attorney, James Sexton (Source: Ten Leaders)

James elaborated:

It was to create an incentive that she was to remain thin,”

“He was concerned she was going to become less attractive and more wealthy.”

The wife, after signing, tried to challenge the laid provision. But the court said that since she signed it willingly, it will be enforced fully with no changes whatsoever in it.

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Dissection of the outrageous prenup

James feels that the husband’s love was shallow. But he also added that the prenup was an honest and upfront type. He continued:

“He was making very clear and putting in writing, here’s the value of this relationship. I consider your physical appearance vitally important to this relationship,”

The husband may have love for his wife but he also wanted her to remain thin and beautiful.

James Sexton
Prenuptial agreements can be weird (Source: Amaral and Associates)

Does it mean that looks still hold value in a relationship? Psychologist Lucy Beresford told Metro UK:

From birth, our brains seek out traits such as symmetry, a genuine smile, or the shapes of faces that can suggest strength or kindness, and all of this is happening on an unconscious, pre-verbal level,”

She adds that looks are important and are the first thing we notice about a person.

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