Letitia Dean, EastEnders actress talks about her anxiety on resuming work for the show!

Letitia Dean, EastEnders actress talks about her anxiety on resuming work for the show!

COVID-19 has caused all work to stop. Filming for TV shows and series and also movies had come to a complete halt. As the coronavirus is coming under control in some countries, people are eager to return to work. Filming has started on many TV shows and movies. But there are some stars like Letitia Dean who are afraid to resume work post-COVID-19. They are anxious and worried about their health.

Letitia Dean and her anxiety

American beauty Letitia Dean is a star of the highly popular TV series EastEnders. Filming for the show has commenced with safety precautions in place. Yet, actress Letitia Dean is facing anxiety about resuming work. She has some reservations about returning to the set work after the coronavirus pandemic shutdown. There was some easiness and relief since she had already filmed for the lockdown spin-off Secrets from the Square.

Letitia Dean [Source: Metro UK]
Letitia spoke to Woman’s Own magazine and said:

“Doing Secrets from the Square with Stacey Dooley was really great,”

And she added:

“It was weird because it was like a ghost town, but I’m glad I did it because I had anxiety about going back in.”

Letitia and her lockdown phase

During this lockdown from March 2020, Letitia was residing with her parents. She admitted that it was a  bit of a holiday for her. But for her parents, it was a bit scary times. But as the lockdown period prolonged, Letitia revealed that she found it more and more difficult.

The filming for the show has begun. Letitia is happy about it but continues to have some mixed feelings. She is happy that at the same time not many people are allowed inside Queen Vic. Entry is restricted due to government regulations. That has also helped her to get a bit more assured about going to the set.

Letitia Dean [Source: Daily Express UK]
Talking about her character on the show, Letitia who plays Sharon Watts on the show said:

“Sharon, Ian and baby Kayden have been living there in their own little bubble and, slowly, things are getting back to normal.”

The video about new filming for the show

The show producers had released a video about how the show is getting filmed after the coronavirus scare and lockdown. The cast and the crew are sticking to the social distancing guidelines of the government. They have gone to the extent of making stars act with a transparent colorless perspex screen between them to prevent any untoward transmission of the virus.

Garden scene in EastEnders with a perspex screen in between the stars [Source: Sky News]
In between, while the filming for new episodes was on, the Secrets from the Square episodes were running. After the final run, the actual new episodes of the show will commence airing from 7 September 2020. This Friday would be the last run of the Secrets from the Square. It will feature some special unseen moments of the show.

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