Is YouTube star Lexi Rivera dating fellow Youtuber Andrew Davila?

Lexi Rivera has been linked with Andrew Davila. They are yet to confirm if they are officially dating or not. They have known each other for years and have many videos together.

In December 2020, Lexi posted a YouTube video titled, MY EX MEETS MY NEW BOYFRIEND. Likewise, she pranked her ex-boyfriend saying that Andrew and she is actually dating.

But at the beginning of the video, she made a disclaimer that the two are just good friends. Fans speculated they dating after they started making TikTok videos together. They are yet to disclose what’s cooking between the two.

Likewise, Andrew is a social media star like Lexi. Also, he has an Instagram account with 2.2 million followers. Likewise, he has a TikTok account with 4.8 million followers. He also posts various TikTok videos with Lexi.

Lexi and Andrew Davila (Source: StylesRant)

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Lexi and Ben Azelart’s failed relationship

Lexi Rivera and Ben Azelart started dating each other when they were very young. She was 16 years old and Ben was only 15. Both being social media stars their relationship grew more and more.

They used to make prank videos as a couple. They were perfect social media couples. But their relationship started getting bitter with time.

Hence, they broke up in 2020.

Lexi revealed,

“So, as you guys know, our relationship has been very up in the air. I know that it’s been super confusing for you guys and that is because it’s been just as confusing for us. We’ve been very on-and-off-again, and I don’t think we were really sure what we wanted to do until now. That’s why we’re finally making a video for you guys.”

Short bio on Lexi Rivera

Lexi is an American social media star who is recognized for famous her collaboration with her Internet celebrity brother, Brent Rivera. Read more bio…