Life After Divorce: How to Move on in Life After Break Up or Divorce?

Life After Divorce: How to Move on in Life After Break Up or Divorce?
How to Lead a Fresh Life after Divorce and Breakup? (source: SAS for Woman)
  • If you imagine life after a breakup is hard, you just don’t know this magical secret to move on.
  • No one else has the right to hurt you this intensely, life is not that scary to begin fresh.
  • Going through all the motions after the breakdown is really tough.

Struggling to move on from an intense relationship is really harsh, you can feel it. But that does not mean you cannot relive romantic moments and start a new life after a divorce or breakup.

7 advice to lead a Life after Divorce (source: Burner Law group)

Remember these 7 things when you want to move on in Life After Divorce

  • Don’t doubt the other person is fake just because they are good and sounds logical.
  • Don’t just seek options to blame anyone just because your relations did not have a good end.
  • You can breakdown into peaceful and quiet corners but all you should know is that these things are just temporary,
  • If you think life is gone or you have lost it, it’s just another chapter of your life that you should keep hustling.
  • It’s okay not to be able to explain to people how broken are you.
  • Seeking a new partner to co-depend on is not a long-lasting solution.

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Get Yourself a Therapist if you feel depressed in Life After Divorce

It’s okay to seek immediate help after an intense breakup or the baggage you carry after your divorce. A clinical social worker specialist Karen Tucker, a life coach has also explained,

“You may feel rejected, angry, profoundly hurt or out of control. It’s also possible that you’ll feel relieved and hopeful. It’s important to pay attention to your emotions and to get help when you need it.”

You just need a period of adjustment, you need time to grow up from something dark. You can simply seek professional guidance to create time and space to grieve over your loss.

Take a step by step, Because Life reformation doesn’t happen in a blink

In a loop of time, when life is draining the energy out of you, the memories of your ex haunting you, a new start takes time. Be crystal clear that jumping into another relationship is just an immediate solution and you will end up refacing the whole scenario once again.

Life After Divorce and Breakup
Life After Divorce and Breakup (source: Ketley Miller Joells)

Commit to yourself in Life After Divorce or Breakup

Let yourself free and commit to yourself again because, in a long run, a jolt of positivity and faith in life can help you start again. Yes, your life can switch after you can talk out your feelings and be real to yourself.

Avoid hanging on to your same partner in desperation

You may think getting in touch with your ex and begging him/her for reconciling everything can fix anything. Begging for forgiveness or a new promise cannot hold your broken relationship, but that will just hold you back.

Don’t let your emotional decision make you desperate to crave something and depend on someone else.

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