Linda Thompson Caitlyn Jenner’s ex-wife spoke about losing virginity to Elvis Presley!

Linda Thompson is the ex-wife of Caitlyn Jenner who was previously athlete Bruce Jenner. He is now on the show I’m a Celebrity…. Get Me Out of Here!

Linda Thompson is the ex-wife of Caitlyn Jenner (Source: Wikipedia)

In her autobiography, Linda has spoken about her first boyfriend singer Elvis Presley. She has described in detail the time she list her virginity to him.

Linda Thompson and her time with Elvis Presley

Linda is now 69 but she was only 22 when she met singer Elvis Presley who was 15 years elder to her. But he was an object of affection for her since many years. Linda recalls telling her parents when she was young that she would marry Elvis Presley when she grew up.

Linda Thompson was girlfriend of singer Elvis Presley from 1972-1976 (Source: Daily Mail UK)

Linda contested in the regional beauty pageant contest and was crowned the winner Miss Tennessee. She net and dated Elvis Presley from 1972 to 1976. During the four and half years of courtship, she was him for 24/7. But later they separated.

Linda Thompson and her talk about her time with Elvis Presley

The actress wrote her autobiography termed A Little Thing Called Life. In this, she has described her time together with her former boyfriend Elvis Presley. She says she was a good Southern girl and a virgin when she met Elvis. The singer promised her that he would not pressurize her for sex until the time she is ready for it. And he kept his promise.

Linda lost her virginity to Elvis Presley (Source: Pinterest)

After two months of living, she was ready to go ahead to the next level in their relationship. She writes:

“We were in our king-sized bed on a pedestal, with a mirrored ceiling above us, reflecting Elvis and me tangled in loving entwinement of arms, legs, kisses and deeply felt intimacy. And let’s just say if you’re not ready then, you’re never going to be ready in your whole entire lifetime.

“It was time to go big or go home. It was all so unbelievably romantic, and perfect, and heartfelt, and I knew I was ready to make love with this man I absolutely adored with all of my heart and soul.”

Linda Thompson’s detailed description

The actress added in her autobiography:

“He was so sweet and tender with me, and yet I was overcome by emotion, and I began to cry softly. I believe I had attached so much significance to losing my virginity I needed to shed a few tears over the moment.

Looking back, I realise how antiquated my perception of the entire scene was, but remember Elvis was an old-fashioned guy who appreciated the heck out of my innocence. Elvis head me close, comforting me. ‘Honey, don’t cry,’ he said. ‘Please don’t cry’.”

Linda Thompson feels that Elvis Presley was a thorough Southern gentleman (Source: The Sun UK)

Linda continues:

“‘No, go ahead,’ he said. ‘You go ahead. You cry. That’s what you need to do right now. You do anything you want to. If you want to cry, you cry, sweetheart.’

“In that moment, as in so many others, he was such a loving, kind, compassionate partner. That’s why he got away with so much, I think now, with a knowing laugh, when I look back on our time together.”

Linda Thompson’s life with Caitlyn Jenner

Linda has two kids with Caitlyn Jenner (Source: Daily Mail UK)

The famous actress then met Bruce Jenner, who is currently Caitlyn Jenner in 1981 and went on to marry him. They married and had two children, Brody and Brandon Jenner. But they split in 1986.

Short bio on Linda Thompson

Linda Thompson is an American songwriter/lyricist, former actress and beauty pageant winner. She is famous as the cast of Hee Haw as one of the Hee Haw Honeys. She is the winner of the BMI Film & TV Award in the year 1994 for Most Performed Song from a film I Have Nothing composed by her and David Foster. More bio… 

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