Why is Lindsey Shaw taking break from social media?

Why is Lindsey Shaw taking break from social media?
Lindsey Shaw (Source: News Nation USA)
  • Lindsey Shaw has fallen into a racial controversy
  • She reacted to a video of a group of black dancers
  • She apologized to fans and revealed her taking a break from social media for a certain time

Lindsey Shaw is leaving social media! She decided to take the step after the racial controversy over a TikTok clip. She shed tears in the social media clips while reacting to the responses after users were upset for her previous clip where she reacted to a group of Black dancers performing a dance move. Also, she then mimicked the move herself and said,

“Hey, are we okay, what the f*** is this?”

Lindsey Shaw leaving social media
Lindsey Shaw leaving social media (Source: The Daily Dot)

She apologized and said that the commentary was not a serious thing. Lindsey believes it to be millennials and Gen Z thing. While responding to the video she said,

“OK, I just have to say right now that the hate in my inbox is not OK. I did not mean anything in any kind of way, I am learning every day, as I think everybody is. And this kind of hate just needs to evaporate from the planet no matter who it’s directed towards.”

Some people called her crying video shedding ‘crocodile tears’. She clapped back at the users saying,

“This is my soul out there, if you know anything about what I stand for, what I believe in, you know that it’s not this.”

Likewise, she apologized to people who were offended by her action in the TikTok clip. She has promised that she would keep learning for her own mental health. Finally, she announced that she would step back from social media. Lindsey revealed that she would be back soon.

Lindsey Shaw apologized for racial video
Lindsey Shaw apologized for racial video (Source: Daily Mail)

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Short bio on Lindsey Shaw

Lindsey Shaw is an actress from America. She is famous for being the lead actor in ABC Family’s 2009 comedy series 10 Things I Hate About You. Read more bio…