Lip threading procedure: Why do people do it? What are the risks and costs?

Lip threading procedure: Why do people do it? What are the risks and costs?

Cosmetic doctors keep inventing some new procedure for the body that claims to give beauty or cover defects. And the latest one is lip threading procedure. In this, the lip is not filled but its definition and curve are enhanced. Hence, people who want a natural look without the bloated look of a lip filler prefer this procedure.

What is a lip threading procedure?

Lip threading is a non-surgical FDA-approved procedure for the lips especially the upper lip. In this, the curvature and definition of the lip are enhanced. People who opt for it want the Cupid’s bow area of the upper lip to appear more demarcated. In this procedure, an attempt is made to smoothen out the fine lines around the lips and to boost collagen formation in the area.

Lip threading procedure [Source: Daily Mail UK]
For this effect, surgeons use small dissolvable threads. This procedure is also called a Lip thread lift. Those who want a natural look choose this procedure. But it is not the same as minimally invasive barbed suture thread lifts that are performed around the jaw, jowls, and other parts of the body and face. Moreover, it is also different from lip lift surgery. In the latter minimally invasive surgery, the space between the nose and the upper part of the lip is shortened.

The time that the procedure takes and its cost

The procedure usually takes around a total of 30 minutes. Out of this, around 15 minutes are for numbing the area and 15 minutes for the actual procedure. Firstly, a hole is made at the corner of the lips. Then, a needle with a thread is inserted into the hole and advanced towards the bow area. The procedure is repeated on the other side and lower lips. Later, the ends of the threads are trimmed off. If more height or volume, more threads can be inserted. The size of the thread can be that of dental floss or human hair. This procedure can be repeated at intervals.

Lip threading procedure [source: Medium]
Each lip threading procedure costs around $ 500. The cost may vary according to the location of the doctor’s clinic and his or her experience with the procedure.

Benefits and risks

It gives a more natural curve to the lips and prevents the pouty and bloated appearance of lip fillers. The collagen formation it induces around the lip area prevents future wrinkles.

In the experienced hands, the procedure is safe. But if it is not done precisely, lips might look lopsided. There might be some scarring. Additionally, threads may be visible in some cases for some time. The patient might feel a certain ticking sensation for some time after the procedure. This will happen especially while smiling, talking, or eating. Some element of local bruising and swelling may be noticeable. Slight asymmetry might be there for a week or two.

Lip threading procedure [Source: Huda Beauty]
The lip threads usually dissolve completely in three months’ time. But the effect of the procedure would last for around 6 months to one year. The lessening of wrinkles around the lip area might be there for a much longer time. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner has the procedure on her lips done.

Besides lip threading, there are botox injections, dermal fillers, lip coloring (lip pigmentation or lip blushing), and lip lifts that are done around this part of the face.