Lorraine Kelly praises and sympathizes with her husband Steve Smith!

ITV host Lorraine Kelly was on the podcast Giovanna Fletcher’s Happy Mum Happy Baby wherein she recollected the time that she had a miscarriage twenty years ago. People sympathized with her but Lorraine feels that nobody really felt the pain of her husband Steve Smith who also had the baby loss.

Lorraine Kelly – “Nobody asked after Steve”

The host Lorraine Kelly, 60 as a daughter named Rosie with her husband Steve Smith. Rosie is now 24 years old but five years after her birth, Lorraine was again pregnant with Steve’s baby. But she had a miscarriage and lost the fetus.

Lorraine talks her miscarriage (Source: Express UK)

Both Steve and Lorraine were depressed but Lorraine feels that people only offered her sympathies and ignored totally the pain of her husband Steve who also had the loss. She said:

“That was a really difficult time and I think yes of course we should absolutely sympathise with the women who go through this but nobody asked after Steve.

“Nobody ever said, ‘How are you?’ The only people who did funnily enough were friends that experienced it themselves and sadly as we know, far too many people experience it.

“I think we’ve got to be a bit more considerate about everyone and not just partners but extended family.”

Lorraine shares her experience of pain

The host of her self-titled show stated that she was devastated at the tragic baby loss. But she tried to overcome it. Lorraine shared:

“It was really sad but what did help me though was being open and talking about it at the time because obviously I’m off work and you need to tell people why.

“That wasn’t easy but the response I got from viewers was unbelievable.

“I thought it was important to be honest. I felt we had to because viewers were asking what was wrong.”

Lorraine and Steve married in 1992 (Source: Express UK)

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Steve Smith helps Lorraine with baby care

When Lorraine became pregnant with her first child with Steve, Rosie, she says that she never did expect that she would become a mom. She was at that time in her early thirties but had never believed that she is grown-up enough to be able to take up that responsibility. She said on the podcast that during the same time she was shifting to London from Scotland for work. But her husband Steve whom she wed in 1992 helped a lot in it. Lorraine remembers:

“I couldn’t do what I do without him. He was such a great hands-on dad to Rosie when I was away working for those 13 years, commuting from our home in Scotland to London to do the show [before they moved].

“He’s always teasing me and keeps me on my toes.

“You could never get big-headed or any hint of being diva-esque in my family, they just wouldn’t have any of it and quite right.”

Lorraine and daughter Rosie (Source: Express UK)

Furthermore, she gushed:

“I’ve just been very, very lucky to find somebody that gets me, puts up with me,”

“We are a proper partnership which is totally equal.”

Source: Express UK