Lot’s of things to know about the youtuber, Ricegum! Dispute between Ricegum and Gabbie and many more!

Lot’s of things to know about the youtuber, Ricegum! Dispute between Ricegum and Gabbie and many more!
  • It’s time to be familiar with the name “Ricegum”!
  • Who is Ricegum? What does he do? And what are the things that you should know about this guy?
  • Okay, to start out, Ricegum is a famous Youtuber with more than 10.6 million subscribers.

Yes, you got it right, more than 10.6 million and maybe more in near future.

If you had no idea about him then it’s about time you know about this guy with a unique name.

Source: Contactlasto (RiceGum)
Source: Contactlasto (RiceGum)

Ricegum’s journey to fame/recognition

So, who was this person before being the YouTuber named “Ricegum”. This YouTuber was born Bryan Le. He is an ordinary teenager from Las Vegas with Vietnamese parents.

He started off as a YouTuber as a gamer in 2012 by uploading the first video named: Call of Duty: Mw3 Gameplay LifeStory: BabySitting: RICEGUM. This video was a game video featuring his life’s story. He continued to post a few more game videos.

Source: Pikore.co (RiceGum)
Source: Pikore.co (RiceGum)

However, since he didn’t gain enough popularity by being a gamer, he changed his gaming category to comedy.

After posting the video with the title “These kids must be stopped” in 2015 he increased his subscribers and fans on YouTube.

You can say this video was the start of the YouTuber’s present popularity. It is no surprise, he has a series of “These kids must be stopped” videos.

Besides these, he has also gained most of his popularity by roasting many Web Stars. The famous victims of RiceGum’s roast include Jacob Sartorius, Hunter Rowland, Baby Ariel, and even the famous- Pewdiepie. His roast videos followed diss track as well, which was liked by many.

RiceGum Banned?

But then after having millions of subscribers and fans, he also gained haters. On March 20, 2016, the YouTuber got banned and got all of his videos deleted.

It was a sudden attack on him and his fans. He was banned by the America Internet personality, Taylor Caniff.

However, Caniff couldn’t get RiceGum out of YouTube for more days. RiceGum was soon back on his channel and a new video roasting Taylor Caniff for getting him banned.

Source: YouTube (Taylor Caniff and RiceGum)
Source: YouTube (Taylor Caniff and RiceGum)

RiceGum and The Gabbie Show issue

After about a year after being banned, RiceGum got himself into trouble with another vlogger, Gabbie Hanna from The Gabbie Show.

The two of them had decided to make a confrontation at a party and have a face-off but these two got into a real fight.

Yes, I mean real “Real fight”. Soon after this incident, Gabbie shared to her fans about getting hit by RiceGum and getting her phone broken.

Source: YouTube (RiceGum and Gabbie Hanna)
Source: YouTube (RiceGum and Gabbie Hanna)

After the accusations, RiceGum couldn’t stop defending himself by tweeting some more things about Gabbie being a total liar.

I did not hit a girl lmao this b*tch is tripping. We’re talking about a person who has built a career off over exaggerating & lying about stories for $. This is exactly what she wants. F*ck this girl and all this fake sh*t. Ask anyone at that party. Video up later today lol.

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More than just defending himself, it seems like he even threatened Gabbie to take the show down. This was proved as Gabbie tweeted:

Yikes! And that diss track from both of the YouTubers!

However, after a long discussion, RiceGum has admitted to throwing Gabbie’s phone and has assured to have sent her more money than required as compensation.

But, throwing someone’s property is not what civilized ones do, right? And showing off money wasn’t a good step either.

And after a few diss tracks and other videos the two of them have decided to continue their own thing as always.

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Short Bio on RiceGum

Born as Brian Le, RiceGum is a YouTuber. He is among those YouTubers, who is getting more popular as the day passes. His popular YouTube videos include the “These kids must be stopped” series and roasting other Web personalities. More Bio…