Do you love the beauty of Victoria’s Secret Angels Stella Maxwell and Josephine Skriver ; So here is the beauty secrets of both actress

There’s the good news for all the ladies out there. Don’t you love the beauty of  Victoria’s Secret Angels Stella Maxwell and Josephine Skriver? The beauty hacks of this two gorgeous actress is not a secret anymore. They shared how to maintain the beauty.

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Beauty Hacks of Victoria’s Secret Angels Stella Maxwell and Josephine Skriver

The beauty of Stella Maxwell and Josephine Skriver is something which we all love. All ladies out there want to know about the secrets of the beauty of this two gorgeous actress. Talking about the beauty secrets, Maxwell revealed that she never pluck her eyebrows. Moreover, she added:

Source: Hawtcelebs (Victoria’s Secret Angels Stella Maxwell (L) and Josephine Skriver attend Victoria’s Secret celebrates Bombshell)

“I’ve never plucked them. I swear to God, they’re like virgin eyebrows. Even on every job, any time they ask me, I’m like ‘nope.’ I definitely have strays, I have scraggly little ones that could definitely be plucked, but now I’m not going to do it.”

Followingly, Skriver also agrees to the point and says:

“I went through a phase when I was like, “yeah, sure’ but there was one time that they bleached them and then plucked them and it was a disaster. That was like five years ago and now I’m like, ‘don’t touch them.’”s

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Stylish captured this two gorgeous actress in an event of  Victoria’s Secret’s new Bombshell Summer fragrance, a lighter, fruitier version of the brand’s sexy vanilla-laced Bombshell scent. In the event, Stylish took an interview with the two Victoria’s Secret Angel questioning about their beauty secrets. 

Here is the full interview of  Victoria’s Secret Angels Stella Maxwell and Josephine Skriver

Stylish: Which scent is your jam? How can you even choose?

Maxwell: The Paris one is my favorite. It’s a little woodier, muskier… it’s got a little bit of jasmine… that’s more my vibe than a sweet florally one. But I also like Bombshell Summer — it makes you want to get out on the beach… it’s warm and energetic.

Skriver: I love the Bombshell, the iconic one — it’s in between sexy and sweet. It has a warm vanilla note at the end.

Stylish: Where do you spray your fragrance?

Skriver: Everywhere! I feel more naked without fragrance than I do without underwear, even put fragrance on before bed. And just spray it all over. And when I go away on a trip, I spritz my pillow so my boyfriend misses me. I’m just like, “there you go, byeee!”

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Maxwell: I spray it behind my ear, because if anyone’s going to hug you, they’re going to smell that area.

Stylish: And how about makeup — do you feel naked without that, too?

Skriver: Summer’s all about minimal makeup. As soon as you get a little sun on your face, you get a natural glow.

Maxwell: I like a tinted moisturizer. Laura Mercier and Max Factor have really good ones.

Skriver: A little lip and maybe concealer. I forget I have makeup on, so I like to use a little matte lip stain. The new Victoria’s Secret Velvet Matte Cream Lip Stains are great because they stay on but they’re also easy to take off. Plus, they have a lot of Vitamin E in them so they don’t dry me out.

Stylish: Since you’re always modeling lingerie, how do you get your body skin to glow?

Maxwell: I’m really big on sun cream. I try to go with a 40 or 50 SPF. I like the ones that are aerosols that give you a little sheen.

Skriver: I eat a tablespoon of coconut oil every morning or I’ll put it in my coffee if I can’t take the taste. It really moisturizes from within.