What is ‘Love in the Time of Corona’ about? Know about the cast members, show details and viewers review

What is ‘Love in the Time of Corona’ about? Know about the cast members, show details and viewers review

Love in the Time of Corona is an American romantic TV miniseries that premiered on 22nd August 2020 and follows the lives of people looking for romantic and physical connection in the Coronavirus pandemic while social distancing.

The four episodes of the show follow the lives of a group of well-off Los Angeles residents adjusting to their new quarantined lives.

The executive vice president of Programming and Development at Freeform Lauren Corrao said,

“This is the perfect show for a generation who is learning to love and be loved in a time when the entire world is telling them to stay six feet apart,”

Similarly, creator and executive producer of the show Joanna Johnson said,

“Love is a basic and central need. Finding it in the time of Corona may pose unique challenges, but it won’t stop us from forging great love stories, inspiring grand romantic gestures and profound acts of kindness.”

Who are the cast members of Love in the Time of Corona?

The main cast members of the show Love in the Time of Corona are Ava Bellows as Sophie, Gil Bellows as Paul, L. Scott Caldwell as Nanda, Tommy Dorfman as Oscar, Rya Kihlstedt as Sarah, Leslie Odom Jr. as James, Rainey Qualley as Elle and Nicolette Robinson as Sade.

The recurring casts are Emilio Garcia-Sanchez as Adam, Jordan Gavaris as Sean, Charlie Robinson as Charles, Tyler Alvarez as Jordan, Gail Bean as Adeah, and Catero Alan Colbert as Dedrick.

Love in the Time of Corona stars
Love in the Time of Corona stars (Source: Deadline)

It is known that due to the pandemic, the production took place in the actor’s respective homes and was filmed using remote technology. Other roles are played by the people who are around the cast such as real husbands, wives, and children. Likewise, it is well-known that the actors did their makeup and hair. They handled their prop and wore their clothes. The production of the show started on 29th June 2020 in Los Angeles.

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What happens in the show?

The opening shot of the show presents a wife who prepares her husband to go out shopping, early during the coronavirus quarantine. Her husband is happy to get out of the house despite covering his entire body, wearing a bandanna over his face, and donning goggles.

After that, the show Love in The Time of Corona features James and Sade who have been home for the last few weeks after the coronavirus lockdown. James and Sade have a three-year-old daughter. She is looked after by Sade alone, as James has been away from home producing films.

Another roomie Oscar and Elle are getting restless being on Zoom dates. Elle finds on Oscar’s dating profile that he is interested in both men and women. Similarly, Paul and Sarah are reluctantly getting ready to welcome the boyfriend of their daughter Sophie. But he dumps her right before that.

TV show Love in the Time of Corona
TV show Love in the Time of Corona (Source: Medium)

Likewise, James talks to his mother Nanda and wants to make sure his brother is safe. As he has been away from his family for a long time. Nanda is getting ready to celebrate her 50th anniversary with her husband Charles.

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Ratings of the show Love in the Time of Corona

The show aired on Freeform on 22nd August and its last episode was on 23rd August. The IMDB rating of the show is 5.6 at present and 78% of the google user has liked the show. It has four episodes The Course of Love, #RelationshipGoals, Seriously Now, and Love and Protest.

However, the very little audience has given a written review of the show. The show receives a mixed reaction. Some viewers loved the show while some had high expectations that were not met.