Love Island’s Chyna Ellis; Her Relationship With Her Ex Jordan Davies, Break-up And Hit Back, Know It All Here!!

Chyna Ellis appeared on the ITV reality hit show Love Island in the search of love. Her on and off relationship with her ex Jordan Davies made the headlines. The story doesn’t end right here, they again grabbed the limelight after Chyna hit back to her ex through a comment.

Chyna Ellis: Relationship, Break-up

Chyna Ellis rose to fame from her presence in the hit reality TV Show, Love Island with more than 290,000 followers on her Instagram. Ellis romantically involved with Kem Cetinay after he ditched Amber Davies on the show. However, he got back to Amber and she left the show without finding love in the show.

Chyna and Jordan (Source: OK Magazine)

After the show, he started dating Jordan Davies, Love Island’s bad-boy. But, the couple could not make too far after he dumped her in the live TV show calling her “just friend”. As per the source, Chyna was devastated and humiliated because of the ‘playboy’ nature of Davies.

Furthermore, the source also mentioned:

“Jonny told her they had something special and even took her away on a romantic holiday. He promised her he was a gentleman and would treat her with respect. She really had high hopes for their future but should have known better after he denied their relationship on live TV. There is no way she could have ever trusted him – he proved that very quickly.”

The duo hooked up shortly after leaving the dating show and also went for a romantic holiday to Budapest. Meanwhile, fellow party-goer noticed him with a number of women including a Russian model at London nightclub Cirque Le Soir.

Chyna Ellis and Jordan Davies in Love Island (Source: Reality Titbit)

During the time, Chyna attended the premiere of new film Knights of the Damned with former co-star Theo Campbell. Afterward, Chyna opened up about her split-up saying:

“It’s a bit of an awkward one to be honest. We were together, but we’re not anymore. I dumped him.”

Jordan made it awkward when he replied to Caroline Flack‘s question saying they were just friends. Chyna was quite stunned hearing that reply and she covered it up by saying they were just having fun.

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Chyna Ellis’s hit back to her ex Jordan

After a brief relationship with Jordan, the couple split up when Jordan dumped her in the live show. His behavior was humiliating for Chyna.

However, Jordan stated that she has ‘got it in for me’ after they ended things last year. In addition, he also mentioned he did not know what he had done wrong.

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His statement was shocking to Chyna as she saw him a few days back before his statement. While talking about all the things going on, she said:

Chyna Ellis (Source: Daily Mail)

 “It’s really bizarre. I saw him last week and we were absolutely fine and he’s been texting me loads asking to see me and haven’t got a problem with him at all. I thought we were friends and on good terms.”

After all this, he clapped back at him saying that she already broke up with him and he is the one who is not taking up with the fact. Chyna also once became the center of controversy when she kissed eventual winner Kem Cetinay.

Chyna’s relationship and love life have been very complicated with the break-up in the live show to the clap backs on the ex.

Source: The Sun