Love Island has a new entrant, Chris Taylor! Chris’ dad was once engaged to English actress Denise Welch!

There are two new entrants to the Majorcan villa in Love Island! These are Chris Taylor and the new girl Francesca Allen. You will see them on tonight’s show! But Chris has claimed that his father was once engaged to the famous actress Denise Welch. Besides, he has met her a few times!

Chris Taylor and his claim on Love Island

Chris Taylor is the new participant of the show Love Island. He is 28 and a business development manager. He has dropped some shock admission on the show. Chris has stated that the famous English actress Denise Welch was once his father’s girlfriend. The two were engaged and that Chris is well acquainted with her.

My dad was engaged to Denise Welch when he was 19,’

Source: WSBuzz (Francesca and Chris)

Chris continued:

‘They’re still good family friends. I’ve met her a few times, she’s lovely.’

So Chris has celebrity contact and this new islander has already gained some recognition for this disclosure.

Denise Welch and her relationships

Denise resides in Cheshire. She has been in multiple relationships. She was first married to actor David Easter in 1983. But it could not last long and the couple separated in 1988. Denise did not shy from telling the world that the reason for their split was his cheating on her.

The beautiful actress had met her second husband Tim Healy at the Live Theater Company of Newcastle. They were working together in this place. After her divorce with David Easter, Denise began to date Tim.

Source: Chronicle Live UK (Denise and Lincoln)

They wed in 1988 in Haringey in London. She had two children with him. Matthew Timothy was born on 8 April 1989 in Hendon in London and Louis Vincent was born on 2 March 2001 in Salford.

However, the couple separated and it was only in February 2012 that Denise revealed on Loose Women that she and Tim have separated a long time back. Soon after this, Denise began dating her PR manager Lincoln Townley. They engaged in August 2012 and married in Portugal on 13 July 2013.

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The other Love Islander who has celebrity links

In this season, there is another star also on the show Love Island who had claimed that she has a celebrity link. Belle Hassan is a contestant from Casa Amor. Her claim has been that her dad Tamer Hassan had appeared in the sixth season of the famous TV show Game of Thrones.

Source: Metro UK (Belle Hassan and her father Tamer Hassan)

In an interview given before she entered the villa, Belle had said:

‘My dad is an actor, Tamer Hassan. He’s been in The Football Factory, The Business, Game of Thrones – he is my link to the famous world. He is a very supportive dad, he is like my best friend and is always there for me.

‘He’s told me to be myself but has also warned me, “I’m watching and I’m going to be seeing every detail!” Because he was in a film with Danny Dyer, I’ve met Dani Dyer when we were kids.’

The show has recently seen a double exit. A public vote made the exit of Danny Williams and Jourdan Riane possible. Amy Hart was on the show and Curtis Pritchard had dumped her. Later Amy was also shown the door.

Source: Metro UK