Wait a Heart Shaped Uterus? Insight on ITV Corrie’s Lucy Fallon Risky Pregnancy!

Wait a Heart Shaped Uterus? Insight on ITV Corrie’s Lucy Fallon Risky Pregnancy!
source: OK Magazine
  • It’s an unplanned baby for Lucy Fallon who has a risky heart-shaped uterus. 
  • The Coronation Street actress is expecting a baby whose gender she teased in the pregnant announcement post. 
  • Here’s what Fallon was worried about while she got pregnant! 

Lucy Fallon is excited to welcome a baby (known gender) with her footballer beau after being pregnant for over 12 weeks! See what held her back to celebrate the big news.

It was unplanned! When did Lucy Fallon find out she was pregnant?

Lucy Fallon had a completely unplanned pregnancy shortly after their miscarriage with beau Ryan Ledson. As per her, the couple had not pressured each other to conceive again after their pregnancy loss which they explained,

“It was a traumatizing, horrendous time. We went for a scan and they couldn’t see anything, so then we went to the hospital and they thought they could see something, so it was very up and down.”

Lucy Fallon
Former ITV star Fallon is pregnant following her miscarriages (source: OK Magazine)

It was fun to find out the couple was having an unplanned baby on their holiday abroad. Lucy Fallon got her womb filled within weeks before she could process the grief of her first miscarriage in March 2021. It’s finally going to be the first official baby for the love birds.

Lucy and her Preston North End midfielder boyfriend Ryan Ledson are enjoying the news after 12 weeks of getting pregnant. There’s a reason behind it.

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Pregnant Fallon has a heart-shaped uterus which is risky

Lucy Fallon got a sense of relief only after 2-3 months of conceiving her baby as she has a heart-shaped uterus. This can cause loss of embryo at an early stage and could result in a number of miscarriages but it depends on the amount of care given to the pregnant lady.

The Bethany Platt actress will also be monitored through her pregnancy after being classified as high-risk. Lucy Fallon only announced her pregnancy on September 26, 2022, in a beautiful compilation video with her boy and Pomerianon pup, Sushi captioning,

“We’ve been keeping a secret!”

Lucy Fallon
‘Corrie Star’ Fallon is Pregnant With footballer Ryan Ledson’s Baby (source: The Nerd Stash)

In the videos, the mother-to-be has captured all the moments of how she found out she is pregnant. Needless to say, she was flashing a pregnancy test to the camera marking her upcoming child.

Who is Lucy Fallon?

Lucy Fallon is an English actress who played Bethany Platt in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street for five years starting in 2015. She is two-time British Soap Awards, an Inside Soap Award, and a National Television Award-winning star.

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