Madeline Phillips Got Married To Her Fiance Stephen Lloyd; Here Is Their Complete Relationship Timeline!

Madeline Phillips Got Married To Her Fiance Stephen Lloyd; Here Is Their Complete Relationship Timeline!
Madeline Phillips and Stephen Lloyd (Source: Instagram)
  • Madeline Phillips and Stephen Lloyd are a YouTube couple with about 500K followers on their channel.
  • The couple recently got married.
  • They have documented their whole journey from going on a date to the proposal.
  • The couple makes videos with different challenges, and pranks, and generally documents their journey together.

Madeline Phillips and Stephen Lloyd are married

YouTuber Madeline Phillips and Stephen tied the knot on September 12, 2020. The couple read their vows in their hometown. They had to postpone their marriage and set a new date due to the ongoing pandemic. Madeline came down the aisle in a floral wedding dress.

Madeline and Stephen met in the drive-thru (Source: Instagram)

On the other hand, Stephen rocked his wedding look in a grey tuxedo. The duo had an intimate ceremony with their friends and family. Another YouTube couple joined them on their big day. Madeline gave a glimpse of their big day sharing a few pictures from the day.

The duo took a break from YouTube after their wedding. As per their Instagram, they went on a honeymoon. After taking a break for a while, they posted a video on their channel. They informed their fans they will soon upload a video on their channel.

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How did they meet?

Madeline and Stephen on their wedding day (Source: Instagram)

Madeline Phillips was already on YouTube making her career before she met her now-husband. In January 2017, she made a video with the title ‘Drive with me‘. In the making of the video, she first decided to go to Starbucks but later she went to Chick-fil-a.

While she was in the drive-thru, she saw a boy who was working in the food joint as a part-time worker. Afterward, she told her followers she wants to find the boy because she found him cute at the first sight itself.

Moreover, she was in love with his voice and looks. As she was already a social media personality at the time, her followers found him in no time.

Madeline Phillips and Stephen Lloyd
Madeline Phillips and Stephen Lloyd (Source: Instagram)

The two had a conversation on YouNow live. And in no time the couple started dating and documented their journey on their couple channel. Their fans have watched them growing together to get engaged and now married.

After and half years, Stephen planned a proposal. In May 2019, Stephen took her on a cruise and went down on a knee. They are happily married now and are pursuing their career on social media together.

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Madeline’s career on YouTube

She joined YouTube back in 2012 with her channel ‘AyexMadeline’. In the beginning, she made videos of easy hairstyles, make-up, nail art, and cooking. However, at the beginning of her career, she was not doing well on YouTube due to her inconsistency.

Madeline flaunting her engagement ring (Source: Instagram)

Later on, she realized what she was doing wrong and worked on it. Madeline then started posting videos of driving around with her mom, brother, and by herself sometimes.

Slowly she started growing her fanbase and views on her channel. She is a successful YouTube with over 500 K subscribers on their couple channels. Moreover, she also has almost 170 K subscribers on her personal channel.