Magic Johnson and Cookie Kelly: the secret of the success of their three decades of married life!

Magic Johnson and Cookie Kelly: the secret of the success of their three decades of married life!

American former basketball player, Magic Johnson has been married to Cookie Kelly for more than three decades. But though they remain together now, it has not been a smooth ride for the couple. Know more about their relationship journey.

Magic Johnson and how he met Cookie Kelly

The former American basketball player and current businessman, Magic Johnson is 64 now. His wife is Earlitha ‘Cookie’ Kelly who was born on 20 January 1959 in Huntsville, Alabama. At her age of 6, her family relocated to Detroit.

Magic met Cookie in 1978 in a nightclub. At that time, both were freshmen at the Michigan State University. In an interview given to Mocha Man Style, Cookie had said:

“We met in college as freshmen [at Michigan State]. I went to a club. One of the only clubs on the campus. [Magic] was standing there by the doorway when I walked in with a friend of mine,”

Magic Johnson
Magic Johnson and wife Cookie Kelly (Source: People)

She continued:

“The lights came up and I happened to be walking by where he was sitting and I said it was nice to meet you. He said, ‘Yeah, by the way, give me your number.’ I’m like what? Cause he never said anything to me the entire night,’”

“I told him I’m not giving you my number because you’re not even going to remember me in a month. He said, ‘Yes, I will.’ I gave him the number and literally the day I set foot back on campus he called me.”

Their first date was at a steakhouse and Cookie fell in love with him.

The wedding and kids

The courtship period of the couple was not a smooth sailing one. They had a lot of breaks in between. And during one of the breaks, Magic dated a woman called Melissa Mitchell. Melissa and Magic have a son together, Andre who was born in 1981.

Later, Magic wed Cookie in September 1991. But he was not ready for marriage and had twice broken off the wedding. Cookie told Oprah:

“I was close to a nervous breakdown, I felt.”

Magic Johnson with family (Source: People)Magic was going to break off the third time but agreed after Cookie’s ultimatum. The wedding was an intimate ceremony at Lansing in Michigan.

Their first child, son EJ was born on 4 June 1992. He is openly gay and a reality TV star. Later in 1995, the couple adopted a daughter, Elisa when she was three days old. She is into fashion and has started her sunglass line in 2021.

In 2001, Magic and Cookie had separated for two weeks. It was due to Magic’s inflated ego after he was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But they reconciled and are determined to make their marriage work. In 2021, Magic posted a tribute for Cookie on their 30th wedding anniversary.

Magic and his HIV/AIDS

In 1991, Magic was diagnosed HIV-positive. At that time, Cookie was pregnant with EJ. Recalling that time, Cookie had said:

“It was devastating. It was like the worst news you could imagine. Back then when somebody said HIV it was a death sentence. I thought he was going to die. Nobody tried to give you any kind of hope about it,”

My emotions went from me worried about him, and then to ‘Oh my God, I have a baby in my tummy’ and me worrying about the baby, and then to ‘what about me?’”

Magic Johnson
Cookie did not leave Magic’s side even when he was diagnosed with HIV (Source: People)

She and EJ tested negative. But Cookie did not want to leave Magic and stayed by his side. Cookie attributes the success of their marriage to the fact that they try to find time for each other. Once a week, they go to a movie. Cookie revealed:

We go to the movies. We get popcorn. We have a good time.”

Short bio on Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson is an American businessman and former basketball player. More bio…

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