Mahito- Jujutsu Kaisen

Mahito- Jujutsu Kaisen
Mahito (Source: tumblr)

Who is Mahito?

Mahito is one of super villians of the Japanese Anime Series, Jujutsu Kaisen. In the series, he is popular as the cursed spirit and the alliance of ancient sorcerer, Kenjaku.

His main objective of Mahito is to eradicate humanity from the earth and replace it with cursed spirits like him.

Who is Mahito in real ??

– The real voice behind the Japanese character, Mahito happens to be the Japanese voice artist, Nobunaga Shimazaki.  Currently, Mahito is associated with the Japanese Talent Agency, Aoni Production.

– The Best Rookie Actor Award-winning voice actor is renowned for contributing voice to the character, Yuno of Black Clover. Apart from that, he voiced as Shanks of One Piece, and Gayus Levina Sorel of Dances with the Dagons, and Satoru Furuya of Ace of Diamond Act II.

Nobunaga Shimazaki
Nobunaga Shimazaki (Source: Rebbit)

– The American Voice Actor, Lucien Dodge contributed his voice to the character in the English dubbed version. The voice actor, Dodge is widely popular for lending his voice as Waver Velvet of Fate/Zero.

– Besides that, the artist has made his appearance in the anime series including Pokemon, Little Witch Academia, and Hunter X Hunter. 

Mahito- Birth, Age, Family & Childhood

The character, Mahito is entirely different from other characters. Being a cursed spirit, the character does not have any specific birth date, age, and childhood.

Still, the timing of his birth is a mystery including his family. However, as the cursed spirit, he was born from the hidden deepest hatred from the humans and their impure emotion and desire to kill each other. Hence, he truly believes that he is the true manifestation of pure evils.

Mahito’s Love Interest

Currently, Mahito is single. As of now, he has not developed love feelings towards any characters of the series. As of now, he is truely focused on his objectives to eradicate humans for the earth and make the cursed spirits the ruler of the world.

For this purpose, he is truly devoted to reviving the king of the curse, Sukuna which appears to be much more important for him than his own well-being.

Hatred Towards Human

Being one of the strongest cursed spirits of the Anime, he has a very deep hatred towards the human. He doesn’t possess any type of sympathy towards the human. He thinks that the human is just a pity toy for his amusement. Hence, he enjoys toying on the battlefield.

Mahito (Source: thenewsfetcher)

To play with the human, he uses his special technique for manipulating the souls of the human and change them into some type of hideous beast. He uses them on the battlefield as his weapons while the humans beg for mercy and kill them as soon as possible.

Special Ability and Powers

Great Cursed Energy– Being one of the most powerful spirits of the anime, he possesses a very large amount of the cursed energy. As the result, Sukuna’s vessel, Yuji Itadori could not defect him after consuming three fingers of Sukuna.

Soul Reshape- Mahito possesses a very unique ability that allows him to reshape and manipulate the soul of the human just by touching. He uses his ability to transform human souls into beasts. Furthermore, he heals his wounds and clones himself by using his technique.

Mahito Using Soul Shaping
Mahito Using Soul Reshape (Source: thenewsfetcher)

Curtain- This is his barrier technique. This technique allows him to create a barrier within the specific area to control the phenomenon within the space. By controlling the barrier, he is able to seal the area from a specific person.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight

In the anime, he has blue eyes with Lakeshore Blue colored long hair. He stands at the height of 5 feet and 10 inches. He has stretched over his face, hand, and neck. Mahito wears a black T-shirt and black pants with white sneakers.


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