12 incredibly talented makeup artists with amazing feed to follow on Instagram! Also, know their relationship status and some artistic makeup looks

12 incredibly talented makeup artists with amazing feed to follow on Instagram! Also, know their relationship status and some artistic makeup looks

Here are some amazing makeup artists who you must follow on Instagram.

1) @indigotohell (Christian Perez)

Makeup artist Indigotohell
Makeup artist Indigotohell (Source: Instagram)

Christian Perez is a makeup artist and Instagram star with more than 173k followers on his Instagram account. The incredibly talented makeup artist also participated in James Charles’s show Instant Influencer. Unfortunately, he could not be in the top 3.

Perez is just 19 years old and has gained 223k subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is praised for his artistic vision and visually pleasing makeup looks. He also makes many celebs on his face like Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, and others.

Indigo is currently single. He has not hinted about dating anyone on social media either.

2) @contrashelby

Makeup artist contrashelby
Makeup artist contrashelby (Source: Instagram)

Makeup artist known by @contrashelby on Instagram has gained 71.2k followers on Instagram with her amazing makeup skills. She is based in Los Angeles, California, and has an eye-catching Instagram feed. She has created many eye looks and different artistic looks.

The talented makeup artist has not disclosed about her love life.


Makeup artist JasonJay
Makeup artist JasonJay (Source: Instagram)

JasonJay is an amazing makeup artist who is just 20 years old. His Instagram account has 2.3k followers. He has created some popular and trending makeup look on himself and posted it on Instagram.

Jason might be single as he has not disclosed dating anyone.

4) @eloharikoa

Makeup artist Eloa
Makeup artist Eloa (Source: Instagram)

Eloa is a 23 years old makeup artist who is from France. She has gained more than 25.4k followers on Instagram. She has created an amazing Instagram feed with her makeup skills.

Eloa has a boyfriend who features on her YouTube videos.

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5) @shen.ka

Makeup artist Shenika Justine
Makeup artist Shenika Justine (Source: Instagram)

Shenika Justine is a 17 years old makeup artist with around 14.2k followers. She has created some amazing artistic makeup looks. Justine is an incredibly talented whose Instagram feed shows a variety of looks.

She is private about her love life and relationship.

6) @smilenblushofficial

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Amaka Ibemesi is another makeup artist who creates magical makeup looks. She has 4.1k followers on Instagram. She also transforms herself into men and creates many beautiful makeup looks.

Likewise, she is currently single.

7) @morganmm_makeup

Makeup artist Morgan Malone
Makeup artist Morgan Malone (Source: Instagram)

Morgan Malone is a self-taught beauty content creator. On her Instagram account, she has gained more than 10.3k followers. She makes different eye looks. Her each eye looks are different and artistic.

Morgan has not disclosed about her love life.

8) @paintedmina

Makeup artist Mina
Makeup artist Mina (Source: Instagram)

Mina is a makeup artist with more than 25.5k followers on her Instagram account. She has done multiple pop art makeup looks. Mina has also done many creative makeup looks of Disney, bubbles, donuts, and many others.

She has shown her creativity through her Instagram feed. She is currently single.

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9) @irisxgrace

Makeup artist Iris Grace
Makeup artist Iris Grace (Source: Instagram)

Iris Grace is 17 years old amazingly talented makeup artist with more than 35.6k followers. She paints her face with makeup and creates amazing makeup looks. She has also drawn Billie Eilish, James Charles, Bob Ross, and many other popular figures.

Her social media is all about makeup and she has not revealed her relationship status.

10) @john_stavrou_official

Makeup artist John Stavrou
Makeup artist John Stavrou (Source: Instagram)

John Stavrou is a self-taught makeup artist. He has created some amazing makeup looks on his Instagram which has gained more than 7.7k followers.

John is a supporter of the LGBT community.

11) @divin_ish_

Makeup artist Anish Tamang
Makeup artist Anish Tamang (Source: Instagram)

Anish Tamang is Nepal’s first body painter who has stunning works on his Instagram feed. His Instagram account has more than 5.6k followers. He has created some amazing artistic makeup works of cartoon characters, Hindu gods, temples, pop arts, and others.

He is currently single.

12) @danearce

Makeup artist Danelia Arce
Makeup artist Danelia Arce (Source: Instagram)

Danelia Arce is a talented makeup artist who has more than 10.6k followers on Instagram. She is Mexican and Cuban. She has created some amazing makeup looks.

Also, she is currently single.