On and off affair, marriage, and divorce of Marjorie Bridges-Woods who is Steve Harvey’s wife!

Marjorie Bridges-Woods is famous as Steve Harvey‘s wife. Steve is a multi-talented author, actor, stand-up comedian, TV host, etc. But before being the wife of Steve, she has been in other relationships and married to infamous people.

But later she gave divorce them. We do not have information on her husband but both her husbands were criminals as well as Memphis drug dealer.

Her first husband is still in jail according to the sources. He was arrested and charged with life imprisonment. Marjorie has three children from her previous marriages; Morgan, Jason, and Lorie whose pictures she has posted on her Instagram account and you can see it below:

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My two spoiled babies 😍

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She divorced her first husband as soon as he was announced the life imprisonment punishment by the government.

According to the sources, Marjorie was previously married to Jimmy Townsend. Jimmy is said to be imprisoned for a lifetime.

Then she gave a second chance to her life and got married to Darnell Woods. Darnell Woods is from the Woods brother group, who are infamous for being the drug dealers.

Her daughter Marol is married and has a child with her husband. Henceforth, Woods is a grandmother as well.

Affair and relationship of Marjorie Bridges-Woods with Steve Harvey

After facing so many hurdles seeking for a good relationship, she finally met the man of her life. The famous and the busiest man in the television industry, Steve Harvey. He is the one who made a funny and embarrassing mistake in the biggest modeling event ‘Miss Universe 2015’. Both of them met one another in the 1990s when she walked into the ‘Memphis Comedy Club, ’ and Steve says it is his love at first sight. He announced on stage that night,

“From the moment I saw you, when you walked into that comedy club that night, and the first thing I said to you ever was ‘I don’t know who you are, lady. But I’m gonna marry you one day.”

Their love story did not start smoothly. When Marjorie met Steve, he was not settled career-wise as well as financially also he was not well off. According to Steve,

“Before a man can be of use to a woman…he’s got to know who he is, what he does and how much he’s going to make.”

But after seeing Marjorie in 2007, Steve knew that he wanted to marry her. While giving a tribute to his wife, he said,

“From the moment I saw you, when you walked into that comedy club that night, and the first thing I said to you ever was ‘I don’t know who you are, lady. But I’m gonna marry you one day.’”

Marjorie Bridges-Woods with Steve
Marjorie Bridges-Woods with Steve(Source: Pinterest)

Why didn’t Steve propose Marjorie Bridges-Woods even if he wanted to marry her?

So even if he wanted to, he did not get married to Majorie. He knew that he will one day succeed in life. So he waited for the correct time. Then in 2005, he got the show called The Steve Harvey Show. This was the game-changer in his and of course her life. This show was a big hit and the sky was the limit for him. Once he became settled in his life, they got married.

They got married after waiting for seventeen long years. At the Paris Fashion Week, where Majorie was present, paparazzi were calling her by her name only and she referred them to call her as Marjorie “Bridges-Woods.”

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Who is Steve’s ex-wife?

They were happily married for a very long time but then Steve’s ex-wife, Mary Lee made a video and posted it on YouTube accusing Steve and Majorie’s relationship and forcibly taking her son, Wynton to the court.

Mary also accused Steve and Majorie of having an extramarital affair while Steve was still her husband and they had not divorced. But later in court, everything she accused them turned out to be false and there was no evidence to prove her statement in front of the judge.

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Attending Trump’s inauguration?

Steve Harvey was set to attend Trump’s inauguration but had to cancel later because of her beloved wife Marjorie. She said ‘No.’ He later clarified stating,

“I’ll be turning 60 on Tuesday and my wife is taking me far away, So, I won’t be at anybody’s inauguration because my wife said no.”

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Short Bio on Marjorie Bridge Harvey

Marjorie Bridges-woods is a fashion blogger. She is also known as the third wife of a famous actor, comedian, and TV personality Steve Harvey. She is also the creator of the fashion blog ‘The Lady Loves Couture’. More Bio…