Mark Wahlberg had to experience the worst day, his sister, Debbie Wahlberg’s death on the day of his first child’s birthday!

Mark Wahlberg had to experience the worst day, his sister, Debbie Wahlberg’s death on the day of his first child’s birthday!
  • An American actor, Mark Wahlberg had to experience the best and worst day of his life on the same day.
  • This is because he lost her beloved sister, Debbie Wahlberg on the day of his daughter’s birthday.
  • The news of his sister, Debbie Wahlberg’s death shattered him while celebrating the birthday of his first child.

The sister of Mark Wahlberg, Debbie Wahlberg’s death

Deborah Donelly Wahlberg was one of the nine brothers and sisters of the Wahlberg family. She passed away on the 2nd of September, 2003. She lost her life when she was just forty-three.

A stone inside her kidney was suspected in Boston, Massachusetts. Debbie Wahlberg suffered from a heart attack while her brother, Mark Wahlberg was celebrating his daughter’s birthday.

The incident of a heart attack was the main cause of Debbie Wahlberg’s death. It has also been discovered that she lost her life from an infection while she was in the hospital to remove those suspected kidney stones.

Debbie Wahlberg
Debbie Wahlberg(Source:

Initially, she had been in the hospital for a routine operation that aimed to remove some suspected kidney stones. But, sadly she ended up dying of a heart attack brought on by septic shock (an infection of the bloodstream).

Mark Wahlberg-the best and the worst day of his life

It is stated that Mark Wahlberg had experienced the best and the worst day of his life on the same day. This was because Mark Wahlberg’s sister, Debbie Wahlberg lost her life because of a heart attack on the birthday of Mark Wahlberg’s first daughter.

Mark Wahlberg’s daughter’s name is Ella Rae Wahlberg. She was born to Mark Wahlberg and his long-term girlfriend, Rhea Durham. She was born in the Cedars’ Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles. A friend of Wahlberg claimed that:

“It was the best day of his life – and the worst. Every year on the kid’s birthday, he’ll be reminded of it.”

Debbie Wahlberg's grave
Debbie Wahlberg’s grave(Source: Find A Grave)

Debbie Wahlberg’s death was more tragic because it came on a special day for Mark Wahlberg. She had also left behind a teenage son, who Mark Wahlberg is very close to now, so every time all of them celebrate Ella’s birthday they will also be reminded of the terrible loss that the family suffered on her birthday too.

Debbie Wahlberg remembered in the family’s TV show

Debbie Wahlberg as a sister of the brothers, Mark Wahlberg, Paul Wahlberg, and Donnie Wahlberg was remembered in the premiere episode of the family TV show. The show is a reality show that centers around the boy’s burger bar in Boston.

In the premiere episode, the three famous brothers were shown looking over their old and precious family photographs that melted everyone’s heart.

Mark Wahlberg with his family
Mark Wahlberg with his family(Source: NJ)

On the show, one of Debbie Wahlberg’s brother Paul Wahlberg had briefly explained the death of their beloved sister. He explained how on the same day, everyone had to go through their best day as well as the worst day of their life.

In the premiere episode, Paul is obsessing about expanding into their hometown of Boston while Mark wants to go international.

On the other hand, Mark Wahlberg who is the most successful of the brothers is being lectured by his mother about expanding the business and the brothers eventually agreed to try for international expansion.

The show came to an end showing a trailer of the next week’s episode. The trailer showed brother Donnie Wahlberg’s girlfriend, Jenny McCarthy chatting with him and Paul Wahlberg having a burger named after her at the restaurant.

Twitter response to the show

Some of the fans of the show responded via social media, Twitter. Almost all the responses and comments were universally positive.

Some of the posts are:

“So am I the only one who teared up when Paul  spoke about Debbie @DonnieWahlberg @mark_wahlberg #SoTouching”

Similarly, another fan said:

“I just watched #Wahlburgers and those Wahlberg brothers are so easy on the eyes. Totally want to eat there next time I’m home! #Bostongirl.”

Mark Wahlberg and his fitness regime

Pain and Gain star Mark Wahlberg is a fitness freak. For his daily exercise routine, he wakes up at 2.30 am sharp and finishes his workout by 5.15 am.

Singer, Liam Payne also met him in the gym while working and Payne shared the memory via his social media handle, Instagram with the caption,

“So good training with @markwahlberg yesterday, great to see you man.”

Mark pays tribute to George Floyd

George Floyd, a black man was killed by the US Police in Minneapolis. This has sparked protests across the globe supporting him with different hashtags including #blacklivesmatter.

Mark Wahlberg has also come out to support George. The actor posted the photo of George with the caption,

“The murder of George Floyd is heartbreaking. We must all work together to fix this problem. I’m praying for all of us. God bless. #blacklivesmatter,”

Short Bio on Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg is an American actor, producer, businessman, former model, and rapper. He was famous as Marky Mark in his early career as frontman for the group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. As an actor, he is famous for the movies Boogie Nights, The Fighter, Max Payne, Ted, Planet of the Apes, The Italian Job, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Daddy’s Home, and Lone Survivor.

He also served as executive producer of the hit HBO series Entourage and Boardwalk Empire. He earned an Academy Award nomination as a producer for Best Picture for the biographical sports drama The Fighter. More Bio…

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