Marriage of Catherine Bell ended because she was a lesbian! She left her husband Adam Beason for her girlfriend, Brooke Daniels

Catherine Bell is a wonderful actress from the US who is known for her role in the TV series called The Good Witch which airs in Hallmark Channel since 2008. She was born in the UK as a Roman Catholic to a Scottish father and an Iranian mother but has now embraced Scientology.

There are some lesser known facts about her relationship which have not been confirmed by her but which many media outlets have reported. Let us find out.

How is Catherine Bell’s married life?

Catherine Bell met Adam Beason on the sets of the film Death Becomes Her where she played a nude body double for the heroine Isabella Rossellini. Adam is an actor cum production assistant who also writes screenplays. They began a courtship and got married on 8 May 1994.

The couple has two children together. Their daughter Gemma was born on 16 April 2003 and Catherine delivered her son named Ronan on 21 August 2010. They lived with their children in a wonderful, huge and luxurious mansion in Calabasas, California. It measured 5700 square feet and was a Tuscan-style villa.

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In photo: Catherine Bell and her family

However, the couple sold the mansion in 2010 and also in September 2011 announced that they are divorcing. Her rep released a statement at that time which read:

“They remain great friends. They’re committed to raising their two children together.”

The divorce procedure was completed in the year 2015. The cause of this breakup is not known.

What is Catherine Bell sexuality?

Catherine Bell separated from her husband and did not enter into any new heterosexual relationship. Instead, in 2012, she moved in with fellow Scientologist Brooke Daniells in Los Angeles. Brooke is also a photographer and an event coordinator. She is also the daughter of Penny Atwell Jones who was an actress.

Her website states that she is a mother of two little children-son Dane and daughter Chapel. She has also mentioned that her husband is her superhero and works for the family and the country. He might probably be in the defense. She writes:

“I tell my kids and husband that I love them at least a dozen times every day. I’m saved by God’s beautiful grace.”

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Source: Pinterest (Catherine and Brooke)

But some websites have mentioned that she has broken up with him. There has been no confirmation on it from Brooke Daniells herself.
The step of moving in with Brooke Daniells on the part of Catherine Bell set tongues wagging and it was rumored that Catherine is a lesbian and in a homosexual relationship with Brooke.

It was also said that Catherine has left her husband for this lesbian relationship. But Catherine has never talked about it or opened up on this aspect of her sexual life. Her tomboy nature and life might also be contributing to this rumor.

Penny Atwell’s response to suspected Catherine-Brooke relationship

The Data Lounge has reported that Penny gets angry whenever the topic of her daughter Brooke Daniells and Catherine is brought up. She feels that it is a big secret and assumes that Brooke has brought her dishonor. Catherine, on the other hand, has blogged:

“I had the help of my dear friend and amazing party planner/goodie maker extraordinaire, Brooke Daniells (also known as Hadley and Elizabeth). She helped me make sure it was, like, totally rad!”

Source: Leah Remini (Penny)

Many of her fans do not feel that Catherine is a lesbian and feel that the couple is just staying together and are not in any sexual relationship per se.

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Short Bio on Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell is a British-born Iranian-American actress and producer.

She is famous for her role as Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie in the television series JAG which was aired from the year 1997 to 2005. She is also popular for playing Denise Sherwood in the series Army Wives from 2007 to 2013. More Bio…

Source: thedatalounge, daily mail