Married Only To Have Kids?? ‘Married At First Sight’ Ashley Says She Married Only To Have Kids With Husband Anthony; Click To Find Out The Whole Story Here

Everybody brings heartfelt baggage to a marriage, but some people ought to carry-ons. While some have steamship abdomens. Approximately one month into their marriage, the newlyweds on Married at First Sight were learning just how many bags their mates had. Mostly, the connections were improving, though some were hitting more crashes along the way than others.

Source: The Knot News (Ashley Petta and Anthony D'Amico)
(Ashley Petta and Anthony D’Amico)Source: The Knot News

‘Married At First Sight’ Ashley obsessed with Having Kids

When Ashley Petta and Anthony D’Amico visited Anthony’s family, Ashley mentioned about wanting to have kids. After she talked about the kids, jokingly Anthony replied:

“What do you think, ‘This is Married at First Sight Kid the Next Year?”

Afterward, Anthony abounded when he heard the reply from Ashley. She told that she did think that because having kids was the reason she got married. It seems Ashley is passionate about experiencing motherhood. Ashley opened up about her idea to have a child on her own at 30 if she hadn’t unearthed a husband yet. Anthony visibly frightened at the idea that Ashley would take on that responsibility as a single woman. Yet, she held her ground.

Source: Monsters and Critics (Ashley and Anthony in bed during their honeymoon)
(Ashley and Anthony in bed during their honeymoon)Source: Monsters and Critics 

The time they arrived at the place of Anthony’s parents, his sister took over catechizing Ashley about her purposes for Anthony. Anthony’s sister extracted Ashley away and told her that she didn’t want her brother to be hurt. Moreover, she added that Anthony barely ever brought girlfriends around before because she had always frightened them off.

At the beginning of the episode, Anthony was running around the grocery to find out Ashley. Well! Ashely had ample much abandoned him at what was deemed to be their first-holiday party together. Afterward, Ashley’s sister was having a problem at the family bar and had called Ashley for help.

Anthony grunted that Ashley wasn’t good at managing pressure. Later on, he was surprised while Ashely told her sister she had to deal with this herself. And when returning to the party he was touched. Anthony said it gave him feel like Ashley put their marriage first and he apprehended that.

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Nate and Sheila talking about their best friend

Walking through another couple, Nate was doing the grilling all around. During their Labor Day celebration, Nate trapped Sheila’s best friend, who appeared to be male. The time Nate jested:

“I don’t believe in no guy best friends,”

Source: The Knot News (Married at First Sight Nate and Sheila)
Source: The Knot News (Married at First Sight Nate and Sheila)

Sheila pulled Nate away from the party and told him she had a headache and required to leave. Afterward, Nate concluded that he was being “very mature” about the condition. Later, they proceeded to attend Nate’s mom, who was as tough on Sheila as Nate had been on Sheila’s BFF.

Sheila strived to make small talk with Nate’s mom, who just wouldn’t bend her even an uncia of support. Nate’s mom was enraged that Nate and Sheila weren’t staying with her and had opted for a hotel alternately.

Moreover, she also denied telling Sheila how the family rejoiced special occasions. When Sheila said she’d had a few nice chats with Nate’s father, his mother fretted that no one had tried to call her.

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