Will mascara overtake lipstick after 2020 due to coronavirus pandemic and face mask use?

Will mascara overtake lipstick after 2020 due to coronavirus pandemic and face mask use?
  • Coronavirus is not only causing health issues but has led to drastic changes in the lives of people.
  • It has also touched the arena of makeup.
  • Lipstick was used as a makeup tool even during times of lows in the economy.
  • But with the mandatory face mask use due to the coronavirus crisis, will the attention now shift to mascara?

Lipstick Index and economy

The chairman of Estée Lauder, Leonard Lauder had coined the word lipstick index. This term implies the real or perceived buying power of women during the economic crisis.

The concept is rather simple. It means that when an economic shrink takes place, women do not abandon buying makeup. They just shift to buying smaller and less costly makeup items such as lipstick.

Mascara and coronavirus pandemic (Source: Metro UK)

Women always feel comfortable putting a dash of lipstick on their lips before leaving the house. This lipstick bullet is a piece that you can always find in their purse.

It is the final step before they give the world, especially before some important meeting or event. They always reach out to these perfectly shaped tubes of creamy, pigmented goodness during trying times.

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The current scenario-coronavirus and face masks

But the recent pandemic of the deadly coronavirus has brought with it a need for covering the mouth and nose area. Face masks are mandatory in public places.

The net result is that the lips get hidden behind the non-transparent face masks. Now it is impossible to show people your beautiful lips and the gorgeous lipstick or lip gloss on them. Then what is the next best solution?

Now the part of the face that is only seen well is the eye. These poetic windows to the soul are now standing out for public view.

The virus can enter the body through the eyes as well but until now it has not been made mandatory to cover the eye area as well.

Some people are extra-cautious and use eye gear to keep TTY themselves safer from the virus. Some use transparent face shields so that all ports of entry for the virus are closed and the virus does not find its way into the body.

Mascara and coronavirus pandemic (Source: Daily Mail UK)

But since face masks are commonly in use, eye makeup takes preference now over that of the lips!

Eye makeup and mascara

Therefore, one can now switch to and indulge in eye makeup. Therefore one can go for a perfect winged eyeliner or a palette of well-preserved shimmering powder.

A thick ultra-black mascara would also enhance the beauty. One can now smile through the well-decorated eyes and be happy about it.

Mascara and coronavirus pandemic (Source: Daily Mail UK)

Women might go for eye makeup to match their face masks. This might become the new beauty practice of this era and will be here to stay for quite some time now.

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Likely, the mascara index might now replace the lipstick index!!!

Source: Yahoo lifestyle

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