Meghan Markle has a level of raised confidence now-says Judi James, body language expert!

Meghan Markle has a level of raised confidence now-says Judi James, body language expert!

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle has been the subject of study by body language experts right from the day she became part of the England royal household. The experts have been observing her every move closely and interpreting it in the light of their science.

They have seen a noticeable change in her since her American TV time and now. Let us see what the body language expert Judi James has to say about this change in Meghan Markle.

Judi James and the change she saw in Meghan Markle

The body language expert Judi James has noticed any appreciable change in Meghan Markle from the time she used to appear on Hollywood red carpets to now when she is a royal mother of one. She feels that the way she carries herself now has changed from that in the past.

Judi feels that Meghan has undergone a drastic change in her level of confidence [Source: RSVP]
Judi closely observed several videos of Meghan over the years. She feels that Meghan was more popular during the time she was on the TV show Suits. Now she is more or less out of the spotlight.

Judi James talks of Meghan Markle’s eye expressions

The body language expert Judi analyzed the videos of Meghan and talked about a 2012 video before she met Prince Harry and started her relationship with him. Judi said of it:

‘Meghan’s eye expression looks like or even dead,’

Further, she added:

‘She’s narrowed her eyes to add to the sexy look but there’s none of the excitement and engagement we see so frequently now.”

Meghan’s eye expressions are better now [Source: Speakers corner]
Judi went on to say:

“Meghan’s hand and her hanging arm seem set to cover her body rather than reveal it.’

After Meghan Markle meets Prince Harry!

Judi feels that when she met Prince Harry in 2016, her body language says that she was making effort to be liked by everyone. Talking about a 2016 video, Judi said:

‘As she leaves the red carpet though we can see the “performance” drop and a glimpse of a Meghan that is far more familiar to royal watchers… doing her signature exit: a cute, low-status “baby wave” that suggests she wants to be liked.’

After she got engaged to Harry, there was a rise in her confidence, and a genuine happiness was displayed on her countenance. Last week she was on a tour to South Africa and it appears that Meghan is now fully immersed and engaged in royal work.

Meghan Markle and her current level of confidence

Judi feels that Meghan now is genuinely happy [Source: Knight Ayton]
Judi feels that Meghan has become more confident now. She said:

‘Her confidence levels are now at their highest. She stands straight and upright, with her turned-up collar suggesting status.

‘This is a much different Meghan to the red carpet version but there are still some constants in her body language repertoire: As she leaves we can see a retention of that signature sweet “baby wave” gesture.’

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