Do you know why Meghan Markle married Prince Harry? Well, Sky News presenter Adam Boulton seems to know! Let us find out!

People are just not tired of making some fabricated tale about Meghan Markle! Every other day there is some news item related to the Duchess of Sussex! This time around it is her extravagant baby shower that has caught the attention of many media outlets. Sky News presenter Adam Boulton has now said that Meghan married Prince Harry only to enhance her celebrity status!!!

Adam Boulton and his ferocious tirade against Meghan Markle

Sky News presenter Adam Boulton was not going to stop. Today morning on his show he started a continuous rant against the royal family member. He was upset with the expensive baby shower that she had. He said that Meghan was tiresome. Adam also added that she had married Prince Harry for enhancing her celebrity level.

Source: Express UK (Adam and Meghan)

The two guests on the show Guardian columnist Jane Martinson and Brexit central editor Jonathan Isaby tried in vain to control him. But he was unstoppable!

Adam Boulton is persistent!

Jonathan said:

“Meghan Markle is married into the royal family, yes, but she is an independent woman who has her own friends.”

But Adam lashed back:

“She is married into the royal family because she wants to enhance her celebrity.”

“I mean, do we need celebrities?”

Source: YouTube (Jane Martinson)

Jane was a bit surprised and she told Adam:

“That’s a bit unromantic of you, Adam.”

“I mean she could have just fallen in love with the Prince.”

“She didn’t necessarily marry into the family to become more famous.”

Adam continued and asked her:

“You don’t think?”

Jane then paused and stutteringly answered:

“Well it might have been – it might have helped.

“Personally, I don’t have friends like her who could spend £330,000 on a baby shower but…”

Adam caught the ‘but’ and shot back:

“But what is the point here?

“That a member of the royal family is taking all this extremely expensive hospitality –

there’s kind of a quid pro quo here isn’t there?”

Jonathan interrupted and said:

“It’s the way that those friends of hers from a previous life live their life, and if she wants to keep up those friendships I think it’s perfectly reasonable that she be allowed to do so.”

“And it’s a life that I will never know but there we are.”

Adam then took his guests on a different tour. He said:

“But they could have given the money to save the elephants or whatever.

“I’m just saying to me, of course, they’re free to do it and the taxpayer hasn’t paid but it’s all a bit unbecoming.

“I’m just saying they’re all tiresome – anyway, let’s get back to Brexit.”

And Adam changed the topic to Brexit!

George Clooney and his support to Meghan Markle

Source: IE (George Clooney)

It was less than a fortnight back when George Clooney had requested people and media to not target Meghan like they used to do it to Princess Diana!  He was upset with all the negative and vilifying reports against Meghan. He had said:

“I do not want to say, they’re just chasing Meghan Markle everywhere.”

Referring to Princess Diana’s tragic death, he said:

We’ve seen how that ends.”

Source: Express UK