Metabolic confusion diet: What is it? Is it safe? What are its health benefits?

Metabolic confusion diet: What is it? Is it safe? What are its health benefits?

The modern day people are obsessed with thinness and wellness. Exercises, gyms, workout plans and weight-loss diets and other fad diets are being google-searched often. There are innumerable diet plans which celebrities and hence their fans follow. Celebrities also endorse many such diets. And the latest in this list is the metabolism confusion diet. What is this special diet? Are there any benefits of it?

Metabolism confusion diet

This is a special diet which is claimed to be tricking the body to hasten its metabolism and enhance weight loss. It has some purported health benefits also but these are difficult to prove. It is also called as Calorie shifting. Basically, it involves alternating the calorie intake between higher and lower amounts.

Metabolic confusion diet [Source: Woman’s Day]
Dr. Carla Dicenzo-Flynn is a board certified internal medicine doctor, a nutrition specialist, and also founder and director of Metanu Center. Carla said:

“The thinking behind the metabolic confusion diet is that maybe there’s a way we can confuse the body into not slowing the metabolism down and not increasing appetite,”

Thus the diet increases the basal metabolic rate and calories burning. This is supposed to burn out fat. But does it work and is it a safe bet?

Experts talk on the mechanism and benefits

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, a board-certified family physician who specializes in natural healing said:

“The body resists losing weight once you reach your ideal weight,”

“It does this by slowing your metabolic rate, body temperature, respiratory quotient, and thyroid.”

In this, one allots 11 days in a two-week cycle to lower calorie diet and 3 days to a higher calorie diet.

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And in a one month, there is 3 weeks of lower calorie and one week of higher calorie foods consumed. The person has to keep a check on calories intake and not the eaten type of food. Therefore the dietitian recommending this diet puts no restrictions on any type of foods consumed.

Safety of this special diet

The people who recommend it state that the diet is a safe option for weight-loss and health benefits of a normal individual. But those with health issues should avoid it. The latter can take medical advice if they are wanting to adopt this diet regimen. But also the normal people should follow the diet under medical supervision. This is to avoid any untoward problems in their health. A person should see to it that he or she is receiving the calories sufficient for his or her body according to the height and weight. Dr. Carla states:

“If you decide to try any new diet, you should be under the supervision of a doctor, preferentially a specialist in nutrition, who can make sure you are getting adequate nutrients. The amount of calories you require is very individual,”

“For example, if someone is 6’5” and eating 1,200 calories on their low-calorie days, that’s basically starvation mode and completely inappropriate.”

Metabolic confusion diet [Source: Pinterest]
The calorie shifting reports more satisfaction and less hunger than the group who totally restrict their calories on all days. The former’s feeling of well-being is better than the latter group. They also adhered to the diet more than the second group.

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