Michael Symon’s Wife Liz Shanahan And Their Married Life!! Here Are Few Things You Didn’t Know About Liz Shanahan

Wife of American chef Michael Symon’s wife Liz Shanahan has a happy married life and family. The famous chef Michael has the magic on his hands.

He shows his amazing talent and cooking skill through his TV shows for Food Network, The ChewBut keeping his career aside, he is also the family person and the loving husband of his wife Liz Shanahan. Let’s know more about the couple and their married life.

Source: Frostsnow (Michael Symon and Liz Shanahan)
Source: Frostsnow (Michael Symon and Liz Shanahan)

Married life and Family of Michael Symon and Liz Shanahan

The couple who are happily married for a very long time is not only the couple but also the business partner. They together own a restaurant. The duo has introduced to their restaurant in Downtown Cleveland, Ohio. They have named their restaurant Mabel’s BBQ in the aforementioned place.

They have increased the level of obsession and excitement in the local food scene. During the show  Fabulous Food Show, the chef made a confession that he and his wife were making their ‘dream BBQ restaurant”.

The duo who tied the knot 24 years back did not have the easy relationship as Liz agreed to go on a date with the chef after 5 years. In one of the interview, he said that Liz is the person with whom he loves to be around.

‘if you cook together, you stay together’

The couple is the perfect example of the saying: ‘if you cook together, you stay together’. The chef Michael and his wife Liz has amazing chemistry and happy life. Michael once shared the secret key to the happy marriage that he got from his father.

He revealed:

“I follow my dad’s happy-marriage advice: ‘Any argument you think you’ve won, you’ve actually lost.'”

Being the public figure, Michael also could not save himself from getting into the controversy. Back then he got into the controversy when the picture of him and the swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen sitting on his lap went viral. The picture went all over the internet and created a debate between the followers.

While everything sorted down when Michael gave the statement that he loves his wife and also she trust him. Moreover, he also claimed that they are totally honest with each other. Going through all the controversies and hard times, they stand out together in their marriage.

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Happy Family of Michael Symon 

When Michael met Liz, she was the mom of three-year-old son Kyle. After their wedding, he has provided him with all the love and support a child requires.

Though Kyle recently works as a musician, Michael also supported and assisted Kyle in establishing his own Donut shop.

In their family, they also have two dogs, a breed of dog named bullmastiff – Ruby and an Old English dog – Ozzy. He also shares the pictures of his dogs on his Instagram account.

Though he has a busy work schedule, he always makes time for his family. he sits around and hangs out with his children, wife, and dogs.

As he is a famous chef and well-known personality in the cooking world, this was not his dream in his childhood. He always wanted to be a wrestler and even used to wrestle during his high school days.

Short bio on Michael Symon

Michael Symon is an American chef, restaurateur, television personality, and author. He is best known for his appearance in cooking television shows The Chew and Iron Chef America. He is also known as the James Beard Foundation Award winner. More Bio…