Micki Velton-the ex-wife of the famous telly star Jerry Springer-her life, career, and daughter!

Micki Velton-the ex-wife of the famous telly star Jerry Springer-her life, career, and daughter!

You may not know Micki Velton but you will definitely know her ex-husband Jerry Springer. Jerry is a famous television star who pioneered the outrageous talk show. He had started it in the 1990s. Here are the lesser known facts of Micki Velton related to her married life, children, and career!

Micki Velton and her relationship and married life with Jerry Springer

Micki Velton met her future husband Jerry Springer when she was working for the well-known Procter and Gamble company. Jerry at that time was a councilman with the Cincinnati City. They dated for a very long time before they married. Their wedding was solemnized in 1973. The next year in 1974, Micki gave birth to her only daughter, Katie Springer. She is now 44 years of age.

Source: Frostsnow (Micki with ex-husband Jerry)

Some websites have put her birth to have happened in the year 1976 which makes her 43 years of age now. Katie Springer is legally blind, as per some reports.

The couple started off well but soon problems crept up in their marital life. It led to some troubles and unhappiness and hence the couple divorced in 1994.

Micki Velton and her career

Micki Velton was working for the company Procter and Gamble when Jerry met her. Her position in the company is not known. It is also not known whether Micki continued with her job there or anywhere else post-marriage to Jerry.

Source: BBC (Jerry)

There are no details known about the divorce agreement and whether Micki got any alimony and if so, how much. There might have been some child support allotted for her daughter Katie from Jerry, but the details of the amount are unavailable. Jerry has a net worth of around 32 million pounds, as per Sun’s recent estimate. But that of his wife Micki is now known.

Micki Velton and her birth and early life

Micki was born in the USA. She holds an American nationality. Her exact date and year of birth are not known. Hence her age cannot be estimated. Jerry is 74 years of age and Micki also might be in her early 70s or later 60s agewise.

As regards her parents, ethnicity, siblings, and grandparents there is no information. On the other hand, her ex-husband Jerry was born to Jewish refugees and had emigrated to the USA in 1949.

Jerry Springer
Source: Daily Mail (Jerry Springer)

There is no information provided about Micki’s education. The name of the school, college, or her qualifications are not known. Micki has not a LinkedIn page or any other social media accounts. Hence one cannot be sure of whether she is into any job or philanthropic or voluntary/charity activity at the moment.

She has not been in the news lately and has kept her private life out of the media glare. There have been no rumors or controversies linked with her. But Jerry had once hired a prostitute when he was working as a councilman with the Cincinnati City. Hence he was fired from his job due to this scandal.

Micki Velton and her body structure and measurements

Micki had a slim body frame. She had blonde hair and hazel-colored eyes. But her body measurements are not known.

Short Bio on Micki Velton

Micki Velton is mainly famous as the former wife of the popular actor/TV presenter/musician/reporter, Jerry Springer. They were together for 21 years. She possesses American nationality. Previously, she also worked for Proctor and Gamble. More Bio…

Source: Zimbio, the sun