Mike Bushell shocking weight loss: wife Emily says “He’s wasting away”

Mike Bushell is currently competing on Strictly Come Dancing and his weight loss has been shocking the internet. The intense training seems to have helped the 53-year-old BBC presenter to lose a ton of weight.

Mike Bushell and wife Emily appeared on the BBC Breakfast where the couple talked on his new slim frame.

Mike Bushell weightloss
Mike Bushell weight loss (source: radio times)

Wife Emily talks about Mike Bushell’s weight loss

The BBC presenter, Mike Bushell joined 2019, strictly come dancing panel and since then have been going through intense training to the point he has lost tons of weight. The 53-year-old is partnered with Katya Jones and trains daily with the experienced choreographer.

Mike and his wife Emily spoke to Dan Walker on the BBC Breakfast on October 21 and talked regarding his weight loss. The English sports person revealed he has lost just over a stone since he started on the show and anticipates losing more if he stays in the competition.

Mike chatted with Dan via videolink while his wife Emily joined him on his sofa at home. Emily mentioned his new slim look and jokingly said that she was “worried” about it.

Mike Bushell wife emily discuss his weight loss
Mike Bushell wife Emily discuss his weight loss (source: express co UK)

Dan asked the couple:

 “When a man will get married, he tends to placed on a little bit of weight however Mike’s really reworked hasn’t he, as a result of what are you realize? You should be close to a stone and a half when it comes to weight loss?”

To which Mike replied:

“I think it’s a stone and couple of pounds. Approaching a stone and a half, yes. It just increases each week.”

Emily added:

“He’s fading away! I’m a bit fearful about him! It simply goes to point out the train he’s doing, it’s actually reworked him.

“I’m loving the new, leaner Mike.”

Mike Bushell might be losing a ton of weight and benefiting from all his intense training but it isn’t the only thing. The 53-year old said,

“I think I’m less clumsy now, I think I’ve a sharper mind, it improves your mental agility.”

Emily, on the other hand, seemed less sure of this change to which he joked “Maybe not”

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Mike Bushell isn’t the only contestant to slim down

Mike Bushell strictly come dancing
Mike Bushell strictly come dancing (source: the sun)

Bushell isn’t the only contestant we’ve witnessed to slim down on the Strictly come dancing. Both Kelvin Fletcher and Catherine Tyldesley got fit and shared their journey on their Instagram. In a video, Kelvin gave a description of the workouts he was doing at different sessions with his personal trainer. One of his posts read,

“Session one is a lot of accessory work and focuses more on isolation type exercises, my coach has me training in the 65 to 70 per cent intensity range in contrast to some of my other days where I’m training more strength focus type movements in the 80 to 85 per cent intensity range.”

Kelvin filmed himself doing another set of routine and posted on his social media for fans to see. His post read,

“Session two workout is more strength-focused and mainly composed of compound lifts in contrast to my hypotrophy days.”

Catherine also shared her impressive drop from her original size 22 to size 10. Her meal plan is full of nutrient-rich foods, including an abundance of fruit and vegetables.

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A short bio on Mike Bushell

Mike Bushell is a British sports presenter for the BBC. Currently, he works as the presenter on ‘BBC Breakfast’ on Fridays and on the weekends. Additionally, he also has his own web page: ‘Bushell’s Bes’.

Currently, he is one of the contestants in Strictly Come Dancing 2019.

source: express co UK