Mike Pence: Has he done a plastic surgery on his face, viewers wonder!

Mike Pence: Has he done a plastic surgery on his face, viewers wonder!
  • During the recent Vice-Presidential debate, people were listening to Mike Pence and his eyes.
  • But some eagle-eyed viewers could not help but notice that there is some difference in the face of Mike.
  • They felt that something was out of place.

This led to a discussion on it on social media platforms. People wondered whether Mike has undergone some plastic surgery procedure on his face in the recent past. Is it a botox injection or some nose job?

Mike Pence and the noticeable change in his look and face

Vice President of the USA, Mike Pence was doing a VP debate. And people were concentrating on his talk and were focused on his eyes.

But there were some hawk-eyed individuals who felt that the face of Mike looked different. They strongly felt that something was out of place. What was it?

Mike Pence-Botox? Nose Job? [Source: HITC]
Some felt that the VP’s eyebrows were moving lesser than normal. They also felt that his nose was looking slimmer than before. They wondered whether the Vice-President has gone under the knife. And discussion on it started on Twitter.

Twitter and comments on Mike’s probable plastic surgery

Twitter bells soon started ringing and people were wondering whether Mike has done some plastic surgery on his face. One Twitter user wrote:

“Mike pence definitely got some kind of plastic surgery,”

And one Twitter user replied to this:

“He’s like a real life 60+ year old Ken Doll (I mean that in the nicest way possible – He’s very handsome, but not a lot of facial expression or movement in general).”

Another internet user wrote:

“mike [pence] looks like a pimple.”

Another user of the handle tweeted:

“Mike Pence is cool as a cucumber. Damn, he put on a clinic.”

Mike and VP debate [Source: The Sun]
Another one commented:

“mike pence looks like he should’ve been in house of wax.”

And another user of Twitter expressed:

“Mike Pence looks like a zombie straight up.”

They all complained of lesser expression on his face.

Likely surgeries that Mike might have done

Was it Botox? It is an aesthetic procedure and not really surgery. Some people felt that his forehead moved lesser even with strong emotions. Hence one follower tweeted:

“@vp was so loaded up with Botox he was incapable of moving his eyebrows or forehead and obviously had no feeling either.”

This injection is used to decrease wrinkles on the face. The drug paralyses the facial local muscles and hence facial muscles might lessen. Data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons revealed that every year 450k men take botox. Some felt that his botox was well-done and he looked gorgeous.

One Twitter user speculated:

“Is that a nose job and a collapsed nostril on Mike Pence? Just wondering,”

One user exaggerated:


Another user put up a closeup of the VP’s nose and said that he could not help looking at it. Hence people were wondering whether Mike has done botox and/or a nose job on him to look so.

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