Amidst the heartbreaking miscarriage, Chanelle McCleary was fortunate to have the love and support of her fiance Rich!

Just one month back, the Big Brother star Chanelle McCleary had announced happily and excitedly that she is pregnant. Little did she know that the pregnancy might not go to full term. Because on Saturday 8 February 2020, Chanelle, 24 shared a devastating news with her social media fans. She had miscarried the growing baby. But amidst all this unhappiness and heartbreak was the light of the love and support of her fiance Rich. Hence, she posted a tribute to him on her social media.

Chanelle McCleary talks about her miscarriage

On Saturday 8 February 2020, the former Big Brother star Chanelle McCleary shared the sad news with her Instagram fans that she has miscarried her baby. Her 638k fans were also devastated.

Additionally, Chanelle had a dedicated baby page on which too she wrote about this sad incident of her life. But after that, she put the page to private settings.

“Some of you may have noticed I’ve not been on social media lately, I’ve been taking time to grieve privately & come to terms with our loss.”

“Unfortunately I was back and forth to hospital with bleeding and complications and our little baby’s heart stopped beating.”

Chanelle and Rich (Source: Instagram)

She continued:

“We are both devastated and loved our little baby so so much already. My heart felt complete knowing I had you and the love I felt instantly was indescribable but I try to tell myself that god has a plan and something just wasn’t right…

“This has broken both our hearts and it just doesn’t feel real, I still wake up and get excited thinking about you and then remember you’re gone…

“I am feeling a million different emotions right now and just deep, deep sadness. I just want to wake up and it all not be real… (sic)”

Chanelle McCleary’s determination

But Chanelle and her fiance Rich have not lost hope. Chanelle is determined to be a mother one day, she said. She further wrote:

“I cannot wait to be a mummy it’s something I have wanted for so long we are going to try again and I hope that we are blessed with a healthy little one soon. For now we taking time out to heal. Thank you to everyone for your love and support…

“Please keep us in your prayers for conceiving in the near future and finding hope again. Little Baby McCleary you are gone but we will never ever forget you. Love mummy and daddy. (sic)”

Chanelle and Rich (Source: Daily Mail UK)

Chanelle thanks her fiance

The gorgeous Chanelle is lucky to have a loving and supportive partner in Rich. Later, she shared another post especially for Rich. She uploaded a selfie of the two and wrote:

‘We will be back smiling again soon. Thank you to everyone for the messages I’m so overwhelmed by all your love and support. It means so much.’

I need to say a huge thank you to my fiance who even through his own pain has picked me up, looked after and cared for me non stop and give me hope and a reason to get up when I had none, we’ve both been heartbroke but we have both had each other. ‘

Chanelle (Source: Instagram)

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She stated that she cannot imagine a life without him and is fortunate to have him as a future husband and her baby’s daddy. She expressed her eagerness to restart a family with him.

Source: Daily Mail UK