Netizens Reacts to Miss Ukraine Costume For Miss Universe!

Netizens Reacts to Miss Ukraine Costume For Miss Universe!
source: Instagram
  • Viktoria Apanasenko is revealing the Warrior of Light costume for the Miss Universe title.
  • Miss Ukraine is set to represent the struggle of her country in the 71st annual Miss Universe pageant.
  • Learn how the internet and netizens react to the powerpack dress of Miss Ukraine against all the evils.

Miss Ukraine Costume For Miss Universe!

Netizens react to the most awaited dress of Viktoria Apanasenko which she revealed wearing in The Miss Universe pageant. The Warrior of Light outfit from the Nagolovy brand by designer Lesia Patoka grabbed everyone’s attention.

Viktoria Apanasenko
Viktoria Apanasenko’s costume Warrior of Light for the Miss Universe pageant (Source: Instagram)

Miss Ukraine Viktoria Apanasenko is currently being praised for carrying the symbolism for the ensemble with her revealing the dress in an Instagram caption reading,

“The ‘Warrior of Light’ costume symbolizes our nation’s fight against darkness. Like Archangel Michael, who defends Ukraine with a sword, it protects us.”

So what is the dress The Warrior of Light made of?

The dress consists of unusual patterns of several tiers. It consists of enormous blue and yellow wings and has warrior garb. She also accessorized it with body armor and a suit, this white suit dragged everyone’s attention. Over 11k people have interacted with the costume. The Instagram post further captioned,

“Viktoriia has a weapon in her hands, her body is covered in armor, and at the same time, she carries light through the darkness that came to our peaceful lands with the aggressor.” 

The label Nagolovy by co-founder Lesia Patoka in Ukraine was created during the major emergency declared in the country. in four months to the sound of sirens, without electricity, and by candlelight.

“The costume was designed in Ukraine in four months “in extreme conditions, to the sound of sirens, without electricity, and by candlelight.”

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Netizens React to The Warrior of Light Costume

In her Instagram post, Ms. Ukraine Apanasenko detailed the works in her costume she is presenting on the Miss Universe platform.

Meanwhile, Netizens notice how the gold armor was decorated in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, standing out proud to tackle against all odds and evils.

Viktoria Apanasenko
Miss Ukraine to stand strong in armor for the Miss Universe title (source: Instagram)

Apanasenko who is the Peace Ambassador of the UN Global Compact Ukraine🕊, receives tons of appreciation for her brave dress, with one user commenting,

A very good image, to me it looks like an archangel who is on the square, the patron of Kiev ❤️

E Rosaline also Tweeted about the most praised dress of Ukraine for the Miss Universe, adding,

I kind of love everything about Ukraine showing up to Miss Universe like this.

Netizens rush to react to the empowering dress of Ukraine against the inhuman attack by Russia for months. An anonymous user wrote,

😍😮 The crack of a tower! I’m sorry but what a beauty!! Gratitude to you and the designer and his team for such power and beauty 🔥❤️!

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