Who will win the Miss World 2019? Top 20 Final Prediction! Know it all here

Who will win the Miss World 2019? Top 20 Final Prediction! Know it all here
  • Miss World 2019 has started and all the beautiful ladies have come to London for the beauty pageant.
  • All the ladies are judged based on their beauty, talent, performance, and online support.
  • One of the deserving candidates will be able to wear the blue crown of Miss World 2019.

Prediction of Miss World 2019 Top 20

All the candidates shine with their unique beauty and talent and are special on their own. However, here is the prediction of the top 20 final predictions. This prediction is not based on the show.


Miss Wales 2019 (Wales Online)

Gabriella Jukes is representing Wales in the Miss World 2019. She won the crown of Miss Wales in 2019. The 22-year-old Jukes has spent the last year focusing on her modeling career. She also made it to the final 14 on Britain’s Next Top Model in 2017.


Miss Bulgaria 2019 (Source: Top Models)

Margo Cooper won the beauty pageant of Miss World Bulgaria 2019. The 26-year-old is a journalism graduate and philanthropist. She is representing Bulgaria at the 2019 Miss World finals in December in London. She also won Top Model of the World in 2016.

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Miss Philippines 2019 (Source: Preview)

Michelle Marquez Dee won the title of Miss Philippines 2019.


Miss India 2019(Source: Jagaran Josh)

Suman Rao won the title of Miss India 2019.


Miss Indonesia 2019 (Source: Angelopedia)

Jolene Marie Cholock-Rotinsulu is the Miss Indonesia 2019 and is representing Indonesia in Miss World 2019.

Czech Republica

Miss Czech Republica 2019 (Source: YouTube)

Denisa Spergerova got the crown of Miss Czech Republica 2019.


Miss Brazil 2019 (Source: Angelopedia)

Julia won the national beauty pageant, Miss Brasil 2019 which was held on March 9, 2019.


Miss Nepal 2019 (Source: Spotlight Nepal)

Anuskha Shrestha grabbed the crown of Miss Nepal 2019 beating 24 other contestants at the grand finale.


Miss England 2019 (Source: Khaleej Times)

Bhasha Mukherjee, a 23-year-old Indian-origin doctor won the title of Miss England 2019 and is representing England in Miss World 2019.


Miss Turkey 2019 (Source: Pinterest)

Bilgi Nur Aydoğmuş successfully wore the crown of Miss Turkey 2019.


Miss Thailand 2019 (Source: Angelopedia)

Jennifer Paweensuda Saetan-Drouin from Bangkok won the title of Miss Thailand 2019.


Miss Russia 2019 (Source: Teller Report)

Alina Sanko grabbed the crown of Miss Russia 2019 defeating 50 other contestants in the pageant.

Trinidad & Tobago

Miss Trinidad & Tobago 2019 (Source: Missosology)

Tya Janè Ramey won the crown of Miss Trinidad & Tobago 2019 and is representing her country in Miss World 2019.

New Zealand

Miss New Zealand 2019(Source: YouTube)

27-year-old Auckland stylist Diamond Langi wore the crown winning the title of Miss New Zealand 2019.

Costa Rica

Miss Costa Rica 2019 (Source: YouTube)

Loving and passionate Paola Chacón Fuentes wore the crown of Miss Costa Rica 2019.


Miss Hungary 2019 (Source: Missosology)

Krisztina Nagypál became Miss Hungary leaving her other 15 competitors behind.


Miss Vietnam 2019 (Source: Angelopedia)

A 19-year-old student of the Foreign Trade University, Luong Thuy Linh won the contest Miss Vietnam 2019.


Miss Mexico 2019 (Source: Angelopodia)

Paso Native Ashley Alvidrez won the crown of Miss Mexico 2019.


Miss Colombia 2019 (Source: Angelopedia)

Gabriela Tafur Nader won the crown of Miss Colombia 2019 leaving 25 other fellow contestants behind.


Miss Venezuela 2019 (Source: Angelopedia)

Thalia Olvino wore the crown of Miss Venezuela on August 1, 2019.


Miss Jamaica 2019 (Source: Jamaica)

23-year-old Toni-Ann Singh from Morant Bay, St. Thomas became Miss Jamaica 2019.

Update: Toni-Ann Singh was crowned Miss World 2019.


Miss Chile 2019 (Source: Missosology)

Ignacia Albornoz Olmedo won the title of Miss Chile 2019. She is representing her country in Miss Word 2019.

Source: YouTube