Where is Missy Rothstein after her divorce with American stuntman Bam Margera?

Where is Missy Rothstein after her divorce with American stuntman Bam Margera?

Melissa Rothstein or Missy Rothstein as she is famously known is an American photographer and model.

She gained fame when she got close to and engaged to Bam Margera who is a renowned American pro-skateboarder and stuntman.

Their marriage could not stand the test of time and the couple divorced in 2012. So where is Melissa now and what is she doing?

Let us find out.

Missy Rothstein: Romantic link, marriage with Bam Margera

Missy Rothstein and Bam Margera had met many years before their marriage and entered into a romantic relationship.

She was part of Bam’s show Bam Unholy Union on MTV. They got engaged in 2006 and married in February 2007.

The marriage ceremony was held at Loews Hotel located in downtown Philadelphia.

It was aired on the show portal and after the marriage, the couple had a lovely honeymoon in Dubai.

Missy had revealed in an interview that she used to worry a lot for Bam when he was filming and doing stunts. She said to Stuff magazine:

“I’m a worrywart! When they were filming Jackass Number Two, I just told him, “Don’t even tell me what you have planned for the day. Just call me at the end, and tell me you’re all right.”

Source: Pinterest (Missy Rothstein and Bam)

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Rothstein, concerned about being a widow!

Missy used to be concerned about becoming a young widow. She also recalled the time when Bam broke his head during a film shoot:

“Last year he was filming—I think it was Cribs—and he did a flip off a car into a moat. He split his head open, and I had to rush him to the hospital. He got 12 staples in his head. I’m always nervous right before he does a big stunt, but I’m not allowed to baby him or run over and make sure he’s OK.”

What started as a happy union was not to last. There were soon problems in their married life. Heavy drinking and alleged extra-marital affairs of Bam led to the collapse of their marriage and in 2010 the couple separated.

Bam had told at that time that he and Missy are living in separate cities and met only once a week.

He had also disclosed that she is aware of his girlfriends-one in San Francisco and another one in West Chester.
The divorce procedure was a messy one and by 2012 it was finalized.

Bam and Missy’s Divorce

Their marriage was on the rocks after Bam started drinking too much and misbehaving with his ex-wife Missy. The situation turned worse in July 2009 when Bam was hospitalized for 4 days for heavy drinking.

Also, in 2010, when Bam appeared on Howard Stern’s show, he kind of hinted at having an extra-marital affair. And the surprising part was that Missy was also aware of it! It seemed like they had informally spit before announcing their divorce in 2012.

Where is Missy Rothstein after her divorce from American stuntman Bam Margera —–> Watch the Video<—–

Missy Rothstein’s life post-divorce

There have not been many disclosures about the divorce agreement.

After the divorce was finalized, Bam went ahead and started dating Nicole Boyd whom he married less than a year after his divorce from Missy was finalized. He has a son with Nicole and they have named him Phoenix.

In photo: Missy Rothstein and Bam

Missy, on the other hand, was also happy after the divorce and had tweeted that she is free now and also celebrated the milestone with a divorce party.

After this, she decided to live her life low-key and has been away from the limelight ever since.

Missy Rothstein’s life before fame

Source: Nicki Swift (Bam and Nicole)

Missy Rothstein was born on 3 June 1980 in Springfield, Pennsylvania.

She was a student of West Chester East High School.

It is believed that she met Bam Margera here and they were childhood friends.

Missy then went on to join Penn State University where she completed her graduation in Communication.

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Short Bio on Missy Rothstein

Missy Margera is an American photographer, actress, and model.

Previously, she was married to the professional skateboarder and MTV stuntman, Bam Margera.

Source: Zimbio